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Friday, 2 February 2018

Five for Friday: Shinning my light

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This post is inspired by a chat with some of my peoples. We were talking about how there's a thing that women need to be all humble, humble, humble. And really we should shine the light on our accomplishments. So here are five I'm shining a light on.

I finished my MA in a year - that is freaking huge, especially in a department where most take three years. No more downplaying it for me, and saying I did stuff on it the year before when I was doing the diploma. I registered for my MA Jan 2017, and submitted end October 2017 - so actually less than a year, but hey I'm still waiting for my mark.

I have finally completed a 30 days of yoga challenge. Folks I've been trying to do it for three years, and this year it happened. Also I'm at 31 days of it now...and am going to ride the wave as far as I can. It's become so ingrained that both J and K tend to ask when I'm going to do it when we get home in the evenings.

I got accepted into a PhD programme at a UK university. Funding is an issue, but you know what...my proposal for my research was so good, they want me. Totally got to remember that.

I have an 81 day streak on Duolingo, that means I've set aside time 81 days in a row to learn a language or three. I'm taking action to make things happen.

A soppy one. Tomorrow Jerall and I will have been a couple for 14 years - that's an accomplishment. The work and love that goes into a relationship is astounding. And I'm proud to be half of a pair that's getting it right.

Want to share some of yours?


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