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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

That one time...I busted my ankle

Last Friday, Keiden and I had left the local library and were on our way to get some hot chocolate. Sadly, that plan went a bit pear shaped. Keiden wanted me to carry him for a bit, and while doing so, as we were walking past town hall my foot wobbled. End result, my foot went one way and I the other aka a big fall 0_o

Fortunately, I manged to keep Keiden from getting hurt. Me...not so much. It hurt, it hurt in a "I can't brush myself off and walk this off way." So I phoned Jerall - whose office was really close by. Thing is this happened outside town hall, Keiden was crying from fright...there was a security person not more than 10 steps away from us, but no one helped. Wait, there was a stellar person who offered to help move me, but I was afraid to move and was just about to call Jerall. Big yay you to that person.

So Keiden and I waited for Jerall for about 10 minutes. During that time groups of people walked past us and just stared, or averted their eyes...but they just carried on. AND MY KID WAS CRYING! Not a little cry, that I'm scared cry. The anger though certainly kept me from crying. I managed to get K calm and said he had to help me see when daddy was coming to us.

I don't know about you, but I'm not the ignore people person. So this was utterly ridiculous to me. How, just how could people be ignoring this?

Anyhow, Jerall arrived and had to convince the security to let him drive up to us because you know, I fell. He got Keiden into his car seat, double checked him out - parenting means check your kid first - and then we managed to get me in the car. At which point I could kinda start crying, no big sobs like I wanted to - didn't want to freak out K.

We went to the doctor, he checked me out and said I needed x-rays because of where my extra sensitive pain was - he touched the outside of my foot and I cried. But we had to go to the hospital for the x-rays. This meant more find a wheelchair, get in and out of the car shenanigans. And after the x-rays at the hospital back to the doctor for another round of shenanigans. Through all of this Keiden was a superstar, a bit shook up, but such a star. When I was in a wheelchair he got to be the pilot of the spaceship and steered using the force (Keiden has a great skill to bring everything back to Star Wars :D ).

Back at the doctor's office he said I had ruptured and torn ligaments, and he couldn't see a break. But, the swelling could be hiding a small crack, so he would wait for the radiologists report to make the final call. In the meanwhile 6 hours of icing the ankle, and all the foot up resting until he knew if I needed a moon boot or an ankle brace. Folks, icing your ankle during winter, is just cruel punishment for being clumsy.

It turns out I'm not so happy with spending all day in bed if it's not my idea. Not to forget that I'm not the best at doing work at home, so I'm now 5 days behind on my thesis work :( Fortunately, yesterday doc confirmed from the report no bone injury. So now I have this hardcore ankle brace, called a speedbrace, that I'm to wear every day for 6 weeks. The kicker it takes 3 months for your ankle to heal fully. *fun times*

Hopefully, I've learnt my lesson and won't keep on taking full use of my body for granted. Also, Jerall's mad budget skills are great - the emergency doc appointment, x-rays and brace were not covered on our medical aid plan, so everything was out of pocket. I'm so glad we could make that out of pocket work. Also I think my kid should become an orthotist - I saw him for less than 5 minutes and it wasn't a cheap visit :0


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