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Thursday, 20 April 2017


You may have seen this #rockingmotherhood tag/post idea doing the rounds. The wonder that is Ella, tagged me...so here goes.

1) I love him like I love no one else. Loving Keiden is a very different love than that of how I love Jerall, which is different to how I love friends, which is different to how I love extended family.

2) Hugs, kisses, cuddles and I love you's are always happening. I believe that physical affection is important, and especially for boys who have the world telling them to be tough. It's something that will stay important, especially in those teen years. So I'm setting it up now for later.

3) I foster his independence. It is so hard to just let him do things, but we do our best to encourage and support him doing things for himself. 

4) I am his biggest cheerleader. It is important to be that he knows he is always supported and loved no matter what. I don't ever want Keiden to feel like he has to earn my love and support by doing certain things. So I cheer when he keeps on trying, I cheer when he succeeds at something and I cheer him for trying and it not working out the way he wants.

5) I let him know that failure is okay. This parenting part of me comes from wanting him to do and be better than I am. I struggle with failure, a lot. So when he tries something and it doesn't work we let him know that it's okay. He can try again. And that different people are good at different things.

6) I teach him respect. This is done by respecting his decisions. I ask for hugs and kisses, and he does the same. It's his body, his decision what to do with it. On the smaller scale, he picks out his clothes, decides from options as to what to eat when out and about, isn't forced to finish a meal, decides on wants to do things with/have at his birthday party and decides from options on what to do over the weekends.

7) I show him that gender doesn't matter. This one is hard, because we're fighting some silly things he gets told at school. Once he said only daddies drive. So although I don't, we made sure to remind him that a lot of the other women in his life do. Jerall and I both do different chores in the house, so he knows it's no one gender/person responsible for something. We show him female heroes, and generally point out how everyone can do cool stuff.

8) I foster his geeky self and other passions.  He loves playing with Lego, cooking and reading. We make sure he has a space to do that. He is currently going through a Star Wars phase - so we listen to John Williams music over and over.

9) I have amazing people in his life. And we make time to see them, so he learns that valuing people and friendships is important.

10) I'm creating an excitement for adventure/exploring/see the world. This is happening with our weekend exploring, finding books, introducing him to new ideas. Adventure is all around us.

 And now I tag you, yes you ;) Use this if you want.

Specifically I'm going to tag MeeA, Marcia and Cat.

  1. Thank the blogger that tagged you and link to their blog. 
  2. List 10 things you believe make you a good mother (this is just a guideline. It can be more or less than 10.)
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