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Friday, 10 February 2017

Five for Friday:Odd thoughts floating around in my mind

I've been pondering just when people decided it's okay to be mean all the time about all the things. It's not hard at all to tell someone that it's cool that something is for them, but it's not for them. Why the urge to yuck on someone's yum? [a cool phrase I saw on twitter]

What do you do to temper your negative voice? It's been really hard for me again lately...so tips are most welcome.

Is it better to be hard or soft as you go through life? Where do you draw the line between not caring and caring just enough? How are we supposed to prep our kids to deal with that, when we can't quite get it right for ourselves?

One of the Honours kiddies is very opinionated, and said that one of the other kiddies has assimilated (both are PoC) and that was just an odd statement. We've all done that, it's a survival tactic. So it got me wondering what do people do, and how is it wrong to be going with a route that can lead to less emotional harm to yourself?

I both want to and don't want to do something new with my hair. But maintenance and my laziness 0_o Suggestions?


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