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Monday, 30 January 2017

Now you are 3

Dear Keiden,

Today you are three. Wow, three where did the time go? Like you keep on telling us, you are a big boy now. And what a big boy you are.

More and more you want to do things by yourself. But then there are things/moments that you still want daddy or me to be there with you or do with you. You love cooking and baking with daddy, and building with your blocks. Sometimes you tell me that I can't go make supper because you and daddy are going to cook.

You enjoy making breakfast with daddy, especially when it's pancakes :) And let's not forget baking. Baking is one of your favourite things to do, especially when you two baked a cake for my birthday. You started swimming lessons, so that's going to be your big thing for this year.

Your big thing for the year you were two was school. It took awhile for you to settle in, but you have. And now school is a place you like to go to, because you see your friends. Speaking of friends, E and M are still your favourite friends. You also like mommy and daddy's friends, and like seeing them too. You often want to go visit F, H and I...and they like seeing you too.

There are still moments when you are shy around people, but more and more you like saying hi to folks. We'll be walking around and you'll say hello to people or wave. It's very cute when you do that. And something else that is just as cute is your laugh. Which you do a lot of.

You giggle and laugh a lot when playing hide-and-go-seek, or running or really just doing anything you think needs a laugh :) You laugh is all kinds of awesome feeling inducing, just like your hugs, kisses and loves. You are so easily affectionate with daddy and I, I hope it stays that way. You always hug and kiss us bye when you're going to school - please don't stop.

Our weekend exploring is something you've taken to in a big way. I hope it's started you off on the track to find adventures fun. And with the exploring we're doing now, I'm sure it'll help you remember that adventures can be found just around the corner from you.

You still love books, and bedtime stories are still the way we end our day. Currently you're having us read/sing the 12 days of Christmas to you often...I'm hoping we move onto a new book soon. It's been your pattern lately - the same story over and over for a few weeks or so.

Yes, there have been moments where you've been a silly goose, but you know monkey everyone has those. Just try not to have too many of them ;)

Love you much.  Love you always,


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