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Friday, 20 January 2017

Five for Friday

  • Midweek birthdays are great for keeping things low-key and relaxed. Also gifs ftw! Check out this twitter moment I made from some of the gifs I got sent - 
  • K starts swimming lessons today, and is very excited. He has been wearing his swimming cap and goggles as often as he can. It's very cute :)
  • My exercise has taken a bit of a dive, which is not the best. Especially, as it's really helping with my stress levels - if the knots in my back and shoulders count as a good measure.
  • The academic year is ramping up. And with it comes more anxiety - which has not been great at all - but I'm hoping the daily yoga helps. Oh and that having more to do means I'll be better focused on what needs to happen, instead of my powers of procrastination.
  • I'm getting better at speaking up for myself. It's still taking time, but I'm not just going with the flow as easily anymore. So there might be something to this getting older business.


  1. Sounds like you are doing well in general! Happy happy birthday - it looks like a great and happy one. I also love it low key. Swimming is so important - all 3 of mine still swims - A now competitively

  2. I love that you're speaking up for yourself!


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