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Monday, 17 October 2016

Something I needed to read

So there I was taking my 5, okay 10 minutes, of twitter time before getting into work mode. And Ella posted about her newest post, Appreciating the mess.

And did I ever need this post now. Guys, it's been a hard parenting slog lately. Keiden has been pushing, and pushing all the boundaries. Factor in all my things, poor sleep, a grumpy house in general, and now Jerall away...yesterday was not good. Well more like the entire weekend.

The never ending mess, and constant cleaning up is such a strain. So reading Ella's post was a great reminder for me, I need to take a moment and appreciate that it all means my baby is here. He is here, learning, growing, making his mark on the world...his mark on his parents. And one day, I won't be around to see it. [Or you know the more scary horrid thought.]

So much as the mess and cleaning is a pain, it's a smidge easier to handle now.

How do you cope with the mess?


  1. It's so true, we need to embrace the time we have. Mess, while annoying, is just mess. I must say that I'm okay with Oden making a mess. My childhood was filled with my being in trouble for my room and while I'm OCD about neatness, I love seeing that my child has whirlwinded into my life. Evident all around me.


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