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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Let's Chat

It's been awhile since I've had a chatty post. So here goes :p

I'm keen to chat about self sabotage, yes I know we've had this one before. But really, it's been going on again. How do you handle it? Is it something that happens to you too? I'm just all kinds of good at this, and it's not something I can be proud of.

That's a bit heavy. Another thing we could chat about is music. What have you been listening to lately? As you can tell from Saturday's post I've been hitting up some 80s pop. As I'm typing this, I've got Little Bird by Annie Lennox going. It's fun, and helping my mood that's been a bit down lately.

How you doing?


  1. Ah, my friend. I know the mechanisms of self-sabotage as if I'd invented them myself... I feel you. Thank the gods for a little bit of Annie Lennox to lighten the mood, right?
    I had a HUGE blowup last night, with D in the crosshairs. Our friend Mike happened to be there and put me straight, though, and after grumbling and swearing at him a bit for putting a bit of ethics presence on the scene, it slapped me in the face that I am simply overwhelmed. I feel so much better! Hope you feel better soon, too!


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