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Friday, 9 September 2016

Five for Friday

Yesterday, was the first time in  nearly a month that I was home alone in the morning. It was glourious. Sometimes we just need time away from people...and time to sing-a-long to musicals at full tilt :D

Thank goodness for supervisors. My back and forth with admin about me doing an MA Sociology has finally, finally been resolved. I'm so glad that sense has prevailed. All that's left is the work :p

Submission season is in full swing. This means many requests to drop my rates and edit a thesis over three days *sigh*. It's interesting that the need for an edit is recognized, but the need to pay someone fairly for their time and skills is not.

I have learnt so much this week. The biggest being that therapy has helped/is helping me so, so very much. So yay for therapy.

Waffles, ice cream and coffee with a friend, is sometimes just what you need to recenter things.


  1. Oh yes, to sing out loud to musicals.....

  2. Gosh you are brave. Tried offering editing once... was asked to write an entire thesis 😂

    1. Not brave, just how I make a living :p


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