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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

So it's Women's Day...as if it means much

Women's Day has amazing roots in the events of 1956, but it continues to not mean much in a country where women are treated terribly. Sure it's a public holiday, but really it seems to be reduced to nothing but a marketing ploy for companies.

How can it mean anything if women are not safe anywhere. Rape, and rape culture is pervasive. We pay tax on sanitary items, something we need every month, and millions of school going girls are missing class due to the cost of those items?

Let's not forget the daily micro aggressions: being told to smile, comments made on what we wear, being touched without our consent, childcare and other forms of emotional labour falling to women more than men. Really how can we claim to care about Women's Day at all?

This stuff can be all kids of depressing, but there are small things we can do to change the system. Call out people on their nonsense. Support projects that make a difference, especially the smaller ones. Everything that makes a difference to one can have a knock on effect for many.

Remember the names and stories of people.


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