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Monday, 1 August 2016

It's been the strangest Monday

It's been an all kinds of strange day today. It started with Keiden throwing-up and then attacking his breakfast with gusto. Me getting to the lab and having a laugh, which helped with the mehs. Doing something about the mehs by getting my hair done - which I haven't since my birthday. Feeling good about shiny new hair, getting back to the lab to do more work and that being meh.

Perking up a bit with lunch and coffee. And then a random quick call to my cousin, changed the tone of the day completely. She told me that her aunt had passed away on Saturday. I was in shock, I asked her "Which aunty Priscilla, like your aunty Priscilla, D's mom aunty Priscilla?" Yes, yes, and yes to all of that. We didn't have an emotional bond or all, but she is/was my uncle's, who's the closest thing to a dad I have, youngest sibling, and his only sister...so she is/was part of the fabric of my life.

It was such a shock. She was only 53.

Then we got to talking/wondering when did 53 get to be young? And it got me thinking about that it seems we've gotten to this stage of life where death is going to be making more frequent appearances. So of course we're thinking about what will happen to Keiden if we're both gone.

It's just been a strange day.


  1. sorry to hear about your aunt.

    i need to write about this because I also feel I'm in that stage where more and more people are now dying :(

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. There are more and more people MY AGE dying it is freaking me out.



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