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Friday, 26 August 2016

Five for Friday: Things that make me a better parent

  • School. This is most likely to the two years spent at home with Keiden, just him and I all day. But gosh am I a better mommy for him being at school. There's an actual chance for my patience well to refresh. I'm at my best after his one full day a week. It is liberating. And the best part is that he's better for it too. He loves getting to spend more time with his buddies.
  • Therapy. And probably meds. Again it's another something that helps my patience well refresh.
  • Reading and gaming. They're things that are fun, and in no way tied to motherhood. So a double win :D
  • Friends. Having people to chat to and vent with is again one of those always a win things. There is just something about being around people for me that tends more towards the good end of things rather than the bad end.
  • Coffee. Does this one need an explanation?
What helps you be a better parent?


  1. Time away from my family helps me be a better parent, which sounds illogical but actually makes perfect sense! Even just a 30 min walk to clear my head helps me return home ready for whatever they throw at me!

    1. It's not illogical at all. Yay for breaks away from family.


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