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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Zombie Prompt #29

If I won the lottery…

Well now really it depends on which lottery and how big. Winning Euros or Pounds would turn into a lot more than winning 2 or so million Rand. Either way it'd be: settle debt, take a massive chunk and get it into a great paying interest account, and then all the travel. So much travelling. Oh, and not let anyone know about it, far too many people would expect me to just sort things out for them. I'd rather do things for those I want to do so for, rather than those who would just demand it as their due.

What would you do?
Prompt from her, image from her.


  1. Oh yes travel! And a bigger home

    1. Travel is a common thing, it seems.

  2. Most important part of that post - DON"T TELL THE FAMILY (cousins/ aunts and such, unless your family is different from my extended family)

    I'd pay this bond off and then save the rest - i'm quite boring like that. But I like money in savings so when I get "a notion" I can just travel :)

    1. So with you on the don't tell family Marcia. You nailed it with the when you have a notion just do it, that's what money is supposed to do for us.


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