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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Book Thursday

As some of you know, I write kid book reviews for Tums2Tots, where I rate them from Keiden's and my takes on it - Book Love with Cassey and Keiden. I'll be sharing some reviews that have been there, and others just for here. Book Thursday won't always be kid books, but for the next few posts it will be - I have a few to share :p Let me know what you think.


Poddy and Flora by Paula Metcalf

Poddy and Flora is about a dog, Poddy, and his best friend Flora. During summer they do all sorts of fun things together. Until one day Flora isn't there. Poor Poddy is so sad, he tries to do the usual fun things they do, but it's just not the same.

The story is charming, with sweet moments. The illustrations are in a style that both parents and the kids would enjoy. When we read this to Keiden he loves going woof-woof for Poddy, and enjoys spotting the butterflies and birds. The double pages before getting to the story and as you finish it is a collection of the cutest dance moves/poses that Poddy and Flora get up to. Because of it Keiden has now got some zombie/Thriller moves.

This is a great story to introduce your little to when they're about to sleep over away from home and a beloved pet for the first time. Or if they're going to stay home while you go away. It shows them that yes, we'll be sad without our special person, but she will come back.

On the scale of rereading it, Keiden gives it a 3/5. The parent rereading scale gives it 2/5.


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