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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Reminding myself to focus on the good

This parenting gig is hard, and one of the harder things for me is to keep in mind that it's not about me. And what Keiden does or doesn't do is not about me, it's all about him.

Today we got Keiden's first assessment report. It's scary. The school has a letter before you get to the part about seeing how your child is doing which reminds you that each child develops differently - a much needed reminder, I'd say. Keiden falls in with the senior babies - 24 to 36 months - and they use a grid with items under cognitive, motor and social/emotional development.

So as I'm looking at it, in a bid to remind myself not to obsess about it I'm reminding myself he is 25 months, and this is things he must achieve by 3. So any ticks he has are good thing. The best thing seeing his report has done for me, has laid to rest my fears about his social development. The only tick he doesn't have is one for expressing his emotions with words. Something we can help him with by using more words to describe feelings - and you know, just wait for his language ability to keep on improving.

I'm so beyond proud that K has his social skills down. And in the past week he has taken to greeting everyone clearly. And by everyone, I mean everyone. He doesn't quite have as many ticks in the other areas, but then they're things to achieve by 3. He doe though have tower building down pat - school says towers need to be at least 6 blocks high, Keiden has been building towers that high, and higher easily for at least the past 6 or so months. Towers are his thing.

There is still plenty of time for him to reach all the other milestones. I just need to remember he does things at his own pace...and his social game, and tower building skills are on point.


  1. Well at least you can get your guy to greet, I am really struggling with this with Nicky. (I still have to do reports next week but I'm going to try and focus on the positive, it's more about how they are settling in).

    1. Hope the report writing goes great. I'm sure Nicky will get there Heather, K greeting folks is also from a distance - they can't be too close to his bubble of space. Maybe it's like that for Nicky?


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