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Monday, 25 January 2016

Policing ourselves into a corner

Cath of all the right words, wrote something which got me thinking.

Gosh, do I think that we all do this. We get so caught in bubbles of politeness, trying to not rock the boat and having people like us that we get caught in a never ending whirl of self policing. In a bid to stop doing that to myself, I'm going to officially share some thoughts I have on things, that you may or may not have picked up while reading ;)

I read romance novels. All of the different types, and I enjoy them. And I no longer care that I'm supposed to be smarter than that. Yes, it has problems, but what media that we enjoy doesn't?

There are shows folks make fun of that I enjoy. And by keeping quiet about it I've been letting them rain on my enjoyment parade. 

I will no longer say I watched a lot of tv while growing up to make people feel comfortable with my accent; just because they think I can't be a South African because I don't have the typical Cape coloured accent.

Mostly, I'm over trying to make others feel comfortable at the cost of my own comfort.


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