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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Now you are two

Dear Keiden,

Today, you are two. How did you go from the teeny, tinniest baby ever to this silly monkey who is full of nonsense and always hungry?

The year from one to two has been all kinds of astounding. You learnt how to walk, run and jump. And added lots new words, but your favourite is still "nana". My favourite is when you say love you...it's one of the best things to hear.

Food makes you so happy. You have some strong prefrences, but are still happy to try most things. You're much better at handle spicy food than mommy. Your favourites still include bananas and cheese. Sometimes you're not impressed with supper, I think it's because you'd happily eat fruit and cheese always. Whenever we're cooking you want to see what's going on. I hope it's not long till you're cooking for us.

You get so excited to see daddy when he gets home. In fact that's how you went from saying dada to daddy. When daddy got home you'd stand at the baby gate, all full of beans and shout out "Daddy!Daddy!" while holding onto the gate and almost jumping. Lately, you've taken to running around in excited circles as daddy gets home, all while shouting out in glee.

It's been really tricky for mommy this year past. Watching a big piece of my heart walking around, meeting people and doing new things has been lovely. But, at the same time every step of independence you take is a reminder that you don't fit under my heart anymore. Being a parent is all kinds of strange, yet lovely.

One of the lovely parts is how you still love books as much as I do. We're not able to walk past a book store without you wanting to go in. You know the way to the library, you love it there so much that you're quite happy to walk away to find books without me. Your love for books has you picking up some great words. Lovely is one of your favourite ways to describe something. Daddy and I don't use it often, but a book you loved has the meow say it...so you do too. One of the worst things for you is to not get a night time story. Sometimes you don't get one, because you seem to think that ears are ornaments, and not for listening.

Another lovely part is sharing music with you. You can sometimes be heard humming songs that you made up to yourself. You are very clear about when you like what you heard and want more or not. I've quickly learnt that singing a goodnight song to you is a sure way to extend the bedtime routine by anything from half an hour to an hour. You've been trying to get to my ukulele more and more. When you do get it, you sit on the couch, and "make music" and sing. You and daddy have lately been looking at covers of songs on youtube, your favourite ones either have a violin or an orchestra in it. It might be time for us to consider an instrument and music lessons for you.

This month, you started school. And despite the rocky start, I'm so pleased to see how you've settled in. That you've made a friend. That you just walk in, and don't say bye anymore :'( Daddy and I sometimes catch you practising being assertive. It's so cute, you stand there and say "No baba. This mine." We love how you're working on standing up for yourself, but that you also know how to walk away.

When we see E you show such patience. And try to distract him when he's following you around, and you don't want to play. Even though the two of you are almost the same size - he's very tall - you know that he is a baba (8 months younger) and you need to be gentle with him. It makes us so proud to see you act so carefully.

You are so caring monkey. And you show it in hugs, kisses and love. You might not understand yet, but the way you want to help with cleaning and packing away, is a really nice way of showing you care. Even though when you help things take a little longer, it's wonderful having you help hang up laundry, pack things away and clean.

Keiden, there is no one like you, and there never will be. Even though we get grumpy with each other, know that I love you always.

All my love.


  1. What a beautiful letter to your one and only Keiden


    PS - I cannot get my head around the fact that they are TWO!!! HOW???

    1. Thanks Sam. I'm with you there, weren't they just brand new last week?


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