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Friday, 30 December 2016

Five for Friday

  • I've been trying out publishing my reviews on goodreads directly to here. I'm not sure how I feel about it. But I do now understand why other folks tend to do a mini blurb bit - it made no sense to me as in goodreads the blurb is right there, but that info doesn't travel to the blog. What do you think?
  • Summer has barely begun, and I'm so done with it. The heat is ridiculous...it makes me lazy and short tempered, so not fun at all.
  • This is something I agree with. I didn't know there were features not available to folks who need to be able to control their mentions.
  • I've not started writing my chapter I'm to give my supervisor on the 9th, but I'm composing it in my mind near constantly. So ummm I just need to commit words to ink, or well words to digital ink.
  • We'll be doing our usual New Year's Eve thing of taking it easy, and playing games with friends. Hope that whatever your plans are they're fun, and with folks you want to spend time with. See you in 2017.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Review: Nations Without Nationalism

Nations Without Nationalism Nations Without Nationalism by Julia Kristeva
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Moments of interesting.

The section I found most interesting was in the Open Letter to Harlem Desir - "National pride is comparable, from a psychological standpoint, to the good narcissistic image that the child gets from its mother and proceeds, through the intersecting play of identification demands emanating from both parents, to elaborate into an ego ideal. By not being aware of, underestimating, or degrading such a narcissistic image or ego ideal, one humiliates and lays subject or group open to depression."

Especially, when considering the current state of the world. Nations - their leaders - nothing more than children, and all that comes from being a child with it.

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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Review: Foretold

Foretold Foretold by R.J. Crayton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's more of a 3.5 read than a 4. This book read better for me than the previous one. Also it seems I was wrong in thinking this was going to be a trilogy, because based on the ending it very clearly is not.

Big pluses: more world building - with more attention given to building on previous work done in the series. More depth given to the characters, the introduction of a new character and Khady losing some of her whiny edge.

The alternating chapters between K and A helped the story pick up some much needed pace, and get the ball rolling. Getting more of the events that shaped some of the characters and their choices was great. Elements of the potential love connection felt a bit forced, but I appreciate that it's not at the top of the protagonists mind. It's amazing to have a female protagonist who focuses on what needs to be done, instead of just the guy.

The ending is slightly cliffhanger-ish, but there is enough resolution with other aspects of the story that it doesn't feel horrid not having the next book.

*I am a lucky fish and got an ARC of the book*

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I know, this is something you normally see on a Sunday, but given Sunday coming is a new year, I figured it'd be good to have a reminder of what has been topping my gratitude list for the year. Yes, 2016 has been a clusterfrak for a lot of people, and with a lot of ridiculous things happening, but there are still things to be glad for.

So topping my list for the year:

  • Jerall and Keiden
  • coffee
  • finding my academic groove
  • good friends
  • supportive folks
  • getting funding for next year
  • good books
  • free, good books
  • exploring
  • therapy
  • tea
  • chocolate
  • keeping pot plants alive
  • general health of goodness for all three of us
  • seeing folks
  • getting through some dark spots
  • good food
  • moments of realisation
  • Keiden's amazing nursery school, school ftw!
What's been the big hits of your year?

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Friday, 23 December 2016

Five for Friday: It's almost Christmas Edition

Christmas is almost here, time for food, time with our people and laughs. If you're not quite in the mood then there might help. Yes, this Five for Friday is all music, and it's all by Pentatonix ;) I love how they have put their on takes on songs, and the arrangements are great too. In no particular order, some that have been looping in my house :)

Sunday, 18 December 2016


Topping the list this week:

  • getting to go watch a movie with J
  • spending time with J without K around
  • K's most awesome school
  • good coffee
  • sunshine
  • having a great friend to help me sort out thank you prezzies for the folks at K's awesome school - handmade mini sweet treats ftw!
  • having had shelter tickets on me at the right time for the right person
  • exploring with J and K
  • hugs
  • Christmas fluffy romance novels
  • being able to buy, and send presents for the nephews and neice
  • having got said presents before the rush, and not getting hit by the ridiculous shop stuff
What's topping your list this week?

Friday, 16 December 2016

Five for Friday: Keiden Edition

Keiden is getting closer and closer to 3...and it seems that toddlerhood is starting to be shed too. He looks and acts like such a little boy now. It's ridiculous, where did my baby go?

His love of cooking, and doing so with daddy is still going strong. J is pretty much acting as his sous chef these days.

There are so many cling to mommy moments though, and we're pretty much just going with it. Trying to break it just has far to much crying and tantrum throwing from him.

I had a big proud parent moment when school told us that he was kind and shared easily with his friends. We know that he shares with us, but hearing that he does so with others is great. [I also wanted to copy it and make stickers out of it to give to all of those who told us only children are selfish ;p]

And teeth brushing is no longer a fight every night. Such a relief, it turns out he wanted a toothbrush like we use - an electric one. So he uses ours, without it being on. It's amazing, he gets out the shower and is ready to brush his teeth :D

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Book Thursday: Here Comes The Witch Review

Here Comes the Witch

*I got given a copy for review purposes by Lola's Blog Tours. Totally check out the site if you're keen to be part of an ARC team*

I gave this read 4 out 5 stars. In large part because I have read another book by this author set in the same town. And I love the town of Banshee Creek. It's a light, fun read. And something I'd call a must read for those who've read any of the other books set in Banshee Creek. It was great to read about Abby and Mike - and Cole makes an appearance :)


Here Comes The Witch (Main Street Witches #1)

by Ani Gonzalez
Genre: Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Age category: Adult
Release Date: 7 September, 2016

Jewelry designer Kat Ramos has come to Banshee Creek to break the famous Hagen House curse and, in order to do that, she must marry Liam Hagen. A vengeful ghost with a deadly history isn’t part of the deal, and neither is love. Will Kat be able to handle both? Or will the mystery of the cursed Hagen House remain unsolved?

You can find Here Comes The Witch on Goodreads

You can buy Here Comes the Witch here:
- Amazon

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Friday, 9 December 2016

Five for Friday

It's been all kinds of happy dancing from me yesterday, as I found out that I got funding for next year :D It is such a relief. And yes, the money is going to be such a help. But the big win for me is that it's this tangible proof that my research, that I am, worth investing in. It's a massive confidence boost.

It is raining today, and it's all kinds of wonderful.

I'm so glad that a good day for K is fairly easy, and cheap to make happen. On Wednesday we saw M - our niece - and it made for an all kinds of happy K. Seeing her, a train ride and playing with lego meant his day was all good.

Our Christmas tree is not up yet. Is yours? We're still trying to figure out where to place it. It's a small one that I like on top of the smaller bookshelf, but we know K will most likely want to touch. So to not restrain that a plan is to be made.

My well of words seems to be drying lately...and it's not the best time for that to happen. I'm not sure how to tackle it. What do you do in those moments?

Friday, 2 December 2016

Five for Friday

Much as there have been points of frustration with K's nursery school, it's so winning with it's holiday programme. Throughout the year the term starts and ends with the school calendar, but they always have a holiday programme/day care thing going on. And in Dec they're open till the 23rd, and they open again on Jan the 4th. It's a massive win, especially because without school there is no time away from K for me. And seeing the way some folks need to scramble to cover the school holiday periods with child care plans, it makes me oh so grateful for K's school.

Speaking of K - as I mentioned on Wednesday, he is heading full steam ahead for being a three-ager [a three year old teenager] and this with just under 2 months to go till he is 3. Also wasn't he a baby like just yesterday? What is going on?

I'm starting to suspect that I just don't know how to be kind to myself at all. It would seem self kindness is a skill you need to learn and work on. How do you do it?

Lately, I've been working more and more in silence. It's odd for me...but it would seem that sometimes you just need quiet.

I've been spending more and more time thinking about how and what I eat, and all that means. So expect a bit of a rambling post on that soon-ish.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Book Thursday: Teach Your Heart Review

*I got given a copy for review purposes by Lola's Blog Tours. Totally check out the site if you're keen to be part of an ARC team*

Teach Your Heart
by Tracey Alvarez
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

On the surface it would seem that Gracie and Owen are complete opposites, but it's far from that. This is a sweet, charming story - with appearances from familiar faces from some of the author's other books - that shows at heart what drives us all is love and family.


Teach Your HeartTeach Your Heart (Far North #3)
by Tracey Alvarez
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age category: Adult
Release Date: 30 November, 2016

Some lessons are harder to learn than others…

Doctor O-for-Awesome Owen Bennett is all about fixing broken things. Then the arrival of his orphaned nieces and nephew for twelve weeks causes his workaholic life to plummet into chaos. Hiring the beautiful but unpredictable Gracie Cooper as a live-in nanny might just get him out of a tight spot…or it could seduce him into a reckless affair.

After four years flitting around Europe, waitress/dog-walker/au-pair Gracie Cooper has returned home to New Zealand. Her plans to hang out with her big brother change when Owen offers a perfect solution to her crippling university debt. In spite of her sexy-stick-in-the-mud boss, she’ll spend fun days playing in Bounty Bay’s sand and surf with his cute charges. At summer’s end she’ll follow the sun overseas again.

Gracie and Owen’s opposites-attract connection is so unexpected and powerful that foundations are rocked. But some things aren’t easy to fix. Some past hurts can’t be run from forever. And the lessons they teach each other risk breaking their hearts.

Get the first book in the Far North and Due South series for free!
The box set Romance Down Under is free on all vendor sites. This set contains Hide your Heart (Far North #1) and In Too Deep (Due South Book #1). Get your free copy of Romance Down Under for free here:
- Amazon
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- Google Play

Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Watching: Superstore, QI, Supernatural and some Deep Space 9

Reading: Christmas themed fiction and I'm sticking to my academic reading  plans :D

Listening: Pentatonix, and pretty much whatever else my YouTube mix lines up.

Doing:  Pretty much still not enough of anything that I should be doing, and too much of what I shouldn't be.

Contemplating: Feelings, all the feelings. Why being kind to myself for even a single day seems like a massive, impossible task. Feeling sorry for myself because I'm sick again. How K is working on being a three-ager already, with 2 months to go till he is 3. And all around bleh-ness.

How are you doing?

Friday, 25 November 2016

Five for Friday

Don't forget to file your tax return. Today is the deadline. Also the SARS folks are lovely, and very helpful.

I'm trying this be kind to myself thing, and am taking the weekend off from thesis work. Hopefully it'll help me shake the feeling of overwhelm when considering all the new reading I want to/kinda need to do. And officially saying I'm taking the weekend off should help forestall the guilt that would come from not doing much thesis work as we're seeing friends this weekend.

I like places that send you sms reminders about appointments - it's especially useful when you make appointments well in advance.

The few days of cooler weather has been wonderful. Moderate temperatures ftw!

Decluttering ftw! Books that weren't getting love from me anymore are now getting love from someone else and it's turned into a mini treat for me. A wonderful example of win-win.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Let's Chat

I'm a currently a ball of stress - stressing about something that I have no control over, as one does. Are you that kind of person, and if you're not how do you do that? Share your tricks.

I've also been struggling with vegetarianism a lot lately. I haven't gone back to my meat and fish eating ways, but man oh man have I been tempted. Look the missing of fish, it pops up whenever sushi is on my mind. But the missing of meat is new. It's been particularly loud since we've been exploring the surrounds. The Stellenbosch Winelands is a meat zone of note. How do you go about not reverting to something you want to change?

I've recently-ish come across something by Danielle LaPorte where she spoke about chasing joy. And that instant gratification isn't always a bad thing. And that we need to stop punishing ourselves. That really resonated with me. I'm a superstar at being hard on myself, which probably also includes some self punishment. Do you do that? How are we supposed to fight it?

Besides all of the above, things go as they go at this time of the year, i.e. not interested in doing all that needs to be done, but pushing ahead with it.

How are you doing?

Monday, 21 November 2016

Cover reveal: Finding Kyler by Siobhan Davis

I've mentioned Siobhan Davis a time or two here before, and this time I get to help an author I enjoy reading do a cover reveal. So check it out, the cover for her new YA series. I'm that nervous excited that happens when an author you enjoy in one genre tries a different one. I mean I know the writing will be excellent, but will it hit the same spot as her other books. One way to find out :p

Anyhow enjoy this fancy pants cover designed by Fiona Jayde. If you're keen on receiving a free advance sample of Finding Kyler before it releases; sign-up for the Kennedy Boys mailing list.  You can find Finding Kyler on Goodreads 

Kyler Banner Coming Soon  

  Finding Kyler

Finding Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #1) by Siobhan Davis 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Age category: Upper Young Adult 
Release Date: January 9, 2017
Blurb: Two fractured hearts and a forbidden love they can’t deny.
 You shouldn’t want what you can’t have… Faye Donovan has lost everything. After her parent’s tragic death, she’s whisked away from her home in Ireland when an unknown uncle surfaces as her new guardian. Dropped smack-dab into the All-American dream, Faye should feel grateful. Except living with her wealthy uncle, his fashion-empire-owning wife, and their seven screwed-up sons is quickly turning into a nightmare—especially when certain inappropriate feelings arise. Kyler Kennedy makes her head hurt and her heart race, but he’s her cousin. He’s off limits. And he’s not exactly welcoming—Kyler is ignorant, moody, and downright cruel—but Faye sees behind the mask he wears, recognizing a kindred spirit. Kyler has sworn off girls, yet Faye gets under his skin. The more he pushes her away, the more he’s drawn to her, but acting on those feelings risks a crap-ton of prejudice, and any whiff of scandal could damage the precious Kennedy brand. Concealing their feelings seems like the only choice. But when everyone has something to hide, a secret is a very dangerous thing.

There is a giveaway for the cover reveal of Finding Kyler. You can win: - One paperback of Paper Princess by Erin Watt - One paperback of Fallen Crest High by Tijan - One paperback of Finding Kyler by Siobhan Davis 

Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win.

Ps. this cover reveal is organized by Lola's Blog Tours

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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Friday, 18 November 2016

Five for Friday

And it's done. No more diploma work for me anymore...it's just about waiting for marks now. With all the assignments out of the way, it's now full steam and focus on M work. M work which is really scary, as to make a Dec 2017 graduation I need to be finished writing by the end of July so that August an be for editing and any changes - submission deadline is September. Ja, it's slightly freaking me out.

In other news, while exploring last week we spotted a lake surrounded by tons of trees. It was amazing to see.

With the help that is the awesome of Twitter, I sold books to someone who will give them the love I wasn't giving them anymore, in an hour. It's interesting to me how when I did the big Konmari thing last year things that stayed then are now being moved away. I didn't think that my form of sustainable minimalism/simplifying would mean fewer books, especially books I loved and had for years.

My no sugar and fewer carbs quest is not going as well as I want it to. It's hard making those changes without the full buy-in of the rest of your family. K loves pasta, so we tend to have it often for dinner. It is tricky changing eating habits.

   This song has been looping most of the week. I'm exploring the rest of the work done by this group, and am a big fan of Kevin - he plays the cello and beat-boxes, such skills. And I love how Mitch is just so comfortable in his skin and trying new things with his look.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Friday, 11 November 2016

Five for Friday

This year is a horror show.

I'm utterly dismayed by how many male friends I have who are saying wait and see, maybe Trump won't be a horror show. It is easy when you are the one with the privilege to wait and see to say just that. So basically I'm re-examining the basic humanity of some folks in my life.

I don't get people who can separate the art from the artist. That is not possible. That person's art is informed by the person they are. So guess who won't be going to watch Fantastic Beasts?

My no sugar quest is going well, cutting back on the carbs...less so. I did not plan well enough for it.

Speaking of planning, I've got one for my thesis. Now just to follow through on it.

Thursday, 10 November 2016


Watching: Great British Bake Off, Chef's Table and as of last night Stranger Things with J.

Reading: Far, far too much fiction. But as from today in order to keep my M plans on track, at least 30 minutes of academic reading everyday.

Listening: Sia, Ingrid Michaelson and now Talks at Google - it's fascinating stuff.

Doing:  Not enough of anything. But I am keep on keeping on with no sugar and fewer carbs.

Contemplating: The horror that is the world and its lack of empathy. How to do all the work I need to do and not freak out. Hoping I get funding. Finding a way to stretch my money to do all that I want it to do. A life coach. The wonder that is therapy.

How are you doing?

Monday, 7 November 2016

Today, I start a new quest

Given, that I've proved to myself that I can stick to things. It's time for a new quest, one that I keep on trying, but so far have failed at.

Today marks the start of no more sugar and fewer carbs for me. I know, and know it well, that sugar and too many carbs are not the best of buddies to my body. Still I keep on getting it wrong.  So today, I work on getting it right again.

Why share it here? Well I work best at getting things down when one of the control measures I use is outside of me. I found that things go better when there is some sort of outside control/focus to things too.

How do you keep on going with tricky things?

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Friday, 4 November 2016

Five for Friday

We had a smidge of rain. Woo hoo :D Rain ftw!

I'm working on cutting back on my coffee drinking. It has become a big problem, especially in terms of our budget. I have though also realized that when my coffee intake for the day went up coincided with when my eating went wonky...and I ate all the carbs, all the time. It's just been another reminder that carbs are not my friends.

Now that I've done the post everyday for a year thing it's had me see that I can't use that I don't stick to things as an excuse for why I don't do some things, or even try. Ugh. Am not ready for that self actualizing work. Which is ironic, as one of the reasons I kept on with the quest was to prove to myself that I could do it. My mind, she makes no sense.

The end of year fatigue is strong. And I can see it in my lack of desire to complete assignments. *sigh*

I've been reminded that there are great folks in the world. And it's an important thing to remember as things are pretty doom and gloom in the news.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Book Thursday: Chatty Edition

I don't have a review to share today. But it's time for a bookish chat. Mostly I'm curious as to how you deal with tough to read/finish books. And this is for both those it's so hard to read because you need to go do the work on yourself that it triggers, ala Brene Brown's books, the violence/emotions are just too much for right now. Those books you should love, but don't, and the all-around bad ones.

Are you able to just not finish a book? How long till you let a book go?

It's taken me a long time to master the art of just letting a book go. But I've gotten there...most of the time. I try to remember that I'd rather give my reading time to a good book. But when I find those free ones, and they're from indie authors I do my best to give them my attention. It's someone's book baby deserving of my respect. It's why I've also taken to saying my reviews that it's not for me. I don't want to be the person that bashes on someone else's work and dreams.

Is that silly? Too softhearted?

Go on, tell me what you think.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Not quite ready yet

So, I thought I would be embracing this freedom to not have to post everyday anymore. Yet, here I sit feeling anxious at the thought of not posting anything 0_o It seems I'll need to wean myself off everyday blogging.

In the meanwhile here is my new favorite-ist song. It's all kinds of amazing, listen, really listen to the lyrics.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Hero of Justice

On Friday afternoon, K and I went to the library. Post that we had an early supper with J. As we were walking back to the car we encountered A, a work colleague of J's. She saw two ducklings stuck in one of the waterways that run through central town*.

Their mom was honking away in distress trying to get them to safety, but the ducklings were too little to climb out. So we had to help them. This meant A standing on one end in the water, me and the other...and the two of us trying to catch and lift out the ducklings as they came near us. Goodness, are ducklings fast little things.

They seem to run on water. After 20 minutes, and help from another person we managed to get them out. And we had to get one out twice, as that silly goose [yes, I know it's a duck, but he behaved like a silly goose] ran off only to fall in again. *sigh*

And that folks is why I'm clearly a hero of justice; and a veggie with vegan status ;)

*We couldn't leave the ducklings to follow the water way, death would await them at the other end.

Pic from here

Monday, 31 October 2016

It is done

And here it is, the last post to my blog everyday quest. I wasn't sure I'd make it, but I did :D I suppose I should take some lessons from that 0_o

I have though gotten some points brought home, often.

Let go of perfection. Seriously, when you want to get something out everyday there is no time to waffle about finding just the 'right' picture or words or thoughts.

Writing when inspired is amazing. And something I can appreciate far more now than before.

Scheduling posts is your friend. It's about taking those moments of inspired writing and making them work for you even more. It also helps you avoid those "Oh, but I must write moments."

That thing where you heard about a calendar, it actually makes sense. I didn't have a formal calendar, but I'm sure you noticed that I had a pattern going on with certain things for certain days. It has helped so much...and you save on mental energy :p

Make use of what you've written elsewhere here too. You'll have noticed that my Book Thursday posts were Goodreads reviews, and reviews I wrote for Tums2Tots. It helped me get other folks readings those, and made sure that my work wasn't just used once off.

Where to from now? Gosh, I don't know. There will be a few things dropped, like Saturday posts happening occasionally. Others will stay around, I enjoyed Book Thursday, Five for Friday, Gratitude and My Reading Month posts.

How did this year of daily posts go for you?

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Friday, 28 October 2016

Five for Friday

The deepness of my dip is starting to even out.

This post by Mandy Collins is all kinds of a read now post.

Three more days and then my quest will be complete. I'm not to sure how I'll go forward from there. Somethings will stay, others will go.

We no longer have a couch. We donated it to Helderberg Hospice. The openness of the lounge is lovely. But won't stay that way too long, we're looking into a desk/table for the space.

There be some lovely people in the world.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Book Thursday

The Heir and the Human (Saven #3.1)The Heir and the Human by Siobhan Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have a love/hate relationship with this story.

I really, really, really didn't want to like Ax. Just no, he's all kinds of wrong. And now there's this...*sigh* The rational part of me feels for him, the other part of me figures he brought it all on himself. Really, what was he expecting trying to get in the way of the OTP that's Logan and Sadie? There were so many futures looked at where it was Logan and Sadie - so he was the unfortunate by product of Griselda trying to change things that shouldn't have been messed with.

I loved that we got Izzy's story, I hate that her story is so sad. The two standout moments for me both occurred at the Heirs Summit. Ax and Dali, and Ax and Logan. Although my love for the Ax and Logan scene is clearly driven by me rooting for Logan all the way ;)

All in all this is a great read for someone like me who just can't get enough of the Saven series.

*I'm a lucky fish who received the book from the author for review purposes.*

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Monday, 24 October 2016

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Friday, 21 October 2016

Five for Friday

10 days, 10 days till I will have completed by post every day quest!

K and I have survived J being gone for 5 days.

Since Tuesday I have managed 10 000 or more steps a day :D

I caught and hatched a pikachu :D

And I've been wondering when people last the art of saying that something wasn't for them. Not everyone is meant to love or even love everything.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Book Thursday

Saven Defiance (Saven #3)Saven Defiance by Siobhan Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm a big fan of series, it allows me to stay in the world with characters I love for longer. This book doesn't fail to tick that need.

Getting to spend more time with Sadie, Logan, Hayden, Neve and everyone else is a big win...even if they have to go through things you don't want your friends to deal with. There is a lot that happens, one thing that happened [that I don't want to spoil] brought me to tears. That shows just how many mad skillz Siobhan has. Including the fact, that there were many instances when I wanted to reach into the book and smack some sense into some folks, both new and old characters.

I particularly enjoyed how the book didn't turn into a giant Sadie and Logan love fest - although, there is time given to them, so don't worry folks who read for the love-love moments. Getting to learn more about the other characters, other worlds and a very BIG reveal makes this a must for folks who've read the other books in the series.

My only quibble is, when do we get the next one?

*I'm a very lucky fish and got given the arc to read in return for a review*

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

On the last sliver of patience

Folks, this parenting gig is a con. A long con. J has been gone since Sunday morning, is back tomorrow post Keiden's bedtime...and I'm done. Actually I've been done since yesterday. 

I know that he misses his daddy, and that's why he's been extra everything. Extra whiny, extra clingy, extra argumentative, extra demanding, and extra affectionate. But gosh guys, toddler hood is not just tough on the littles...it's tough on us too. It's become increasingly hard to make sure I don't just spew out anger at K. The counting to ten before I respond to another 'naughty' thing he has done has gone up to twenty...and the pauses between the numbers have become longer.

Clearly this is just a vent post. But I'll end it on a cute note. With the loss of his blocks,puzzles and drawing item privileges he has become reattached to a pull along crocodile gift Mandy gave him. So now crocodile is going along with him everywhere. Croc needs his own chair and food, must also wash his hands before eating. Croc gets to pick the stories they're going to read. It is all kinds of cute to see, and does help refill the patience well a smidge.

What do you do to refill the patience well?

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Linky dink

A season of stories. Short stories from wonderful authors sent by Random Penguin aka Penguin Random House.

This is a great spot for curation of interesting thoughts on minimalism.

5 truths about minimalism, that we need a reminder on now and then.

An amazing free colour in pic.

An amazing site for Geeks of Colour.

And it wouldn't be a link share from me if I didn't remind you of the awesome that is The Establishment.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Something I needed to read

So there I was taking my 5, okay 10 minutes, of twitter time before getting into work mode. And Ella posted about her newest post, Appreciating the mess.

And did I ever need this post now. Guys, it's been a hard parenting slog lately. Keiden has been pushing, and pushing all the boundaries. Factor in all my things, poor sleep, a grumpy house in general, and now Jerall away...yesterday was not good. Well more like the entire weekend.

The never ending mess, and constant cleaning up is such a strain. So reading Ella's post was a great reminder for me, I need to take a moment and appreciate that it all means my baby is here. He is here, learning, growing, making his mark on the world...his mark on his parents. And one day, I won't be around to see it. [Or you know the more scary horrid thought.]

So much as the mess and cleaning is a pain, it's a smidge easier to handle now.

How do you cope with the mess?

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Friday, 14 October 2016

Five for Friday

It's been a very busy week. And it's ending with a class test this morning. Programme Evaluation is utterly fascinating to me. And Prof Joha Louw-Potgieter is utterly engaging. Hopefully this test goes as well as my Atlas.ti test did.

I'm learning so much in class. And it's a great note to end my diploma classes on. Post the class, just two assignments to hand-in, and I'll be able to focus on my thesis.

Walking around campus has been interesting. So many buildings that I'm used to seeing open, are only accessible with your student card. The private security folks are kitted out in riot gear. Seeing that doesn't exactly inspire confidence that things are going to be peaceful. Fortunately, it is currently more peaceful here in Stellenbosch than elsewhere. Although petrol bombs have been found. And on Monday my class got cut short because we had to evacuate the building. Here's to hoping that we make it to the end of class this month with minimal disruption. I figure exam season will see things coming to close on our campus at least.

Our lounge is in a state of disaster. K is just not packing away his toys. So it seems my kid is not a star chart kid :-/

On Sunday J is heading off to a conference, and he'll only be back on Thursday evening post bedtime. It'll be interesting. Part of the help me deal okay with it plan is K spending most of the day at school for that week.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Book Thursday

Saven Denial (Saven #2.5)Saven Denial by Siobhan Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another holy heck, a cliffhanger. But this does does give you some respite from the cliffhanger at the end of Disclosure. I love the novella in that it answers a lot of Sadie questions. 'm sure it will go a long way to not disturb the pacing of Defiance.

The only down moment for me - and why this a four star instead of five star rating - is the inclusion of another romantic entanglement. Why can't Sadie and Logan just be left to their happy *sigh*.

I loved that we got more info on the Tor, who Griselda is...and an excellent reason for why Sadie's mother treated her the way she did. Some more ass kicking from Sadie is always a winner in my book.

This is not something you can skip in the series. The novella certainly covers things that wouldn't get the attention it deserves in Defiance.

*Luck fish that I am, I got this in exchange for a review.*

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Blog Tour - Saven Box Set Book Blitz

Saven Box Set banner 

I'm taking part in a Book Blitz for The Saven Series Box Set by Siobhan Davis.  I've raved about other books by Siobhan [last week I shared my Disclosure review, and here is my take on her True Calling series], so am pretty please that I get to take part in a giveaway, that let's you check out her books too :D

For a very limited time you can read the first three books in this special box set collection for only 0.99! 

The normal retail price is $6.99/£4.99. Find out why Saven Deception, book one in this Amazon bestselling series, has been shortlisted for the Best Young Adult Book in the 2016 CAP Awards. Over 50,000 copies downloaded in the ten months since publication. 

Get your copy of the box set on Amazon

This book blitz is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. The book blitz runs from 11 till 18 October, you can view the complete blitz schedule here

You can enter to win a copy of this box set or a paperback copy of Lux Beginnings by Jennifer L Armentrout. 
You can enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post. 

 What if you were meant to kill the one you love? 

You can buy the Saven Box Set on Amazon 

Saven Deception
Saven Deception (Saven #1)


I've fallen hard for an alien, but he's harboring secrets. Massive secrets that threaten the very essence of humanity. How can I give him my heart when his race plans on taking my future? 

Sadie Owens has been slowly dying inside. Bit by bit, piece by piece, day by day. Trapped in a life she hates, she relies on only one person--herself. Despised by her family and betrayed by an unscrupulous government, Sadie dreams of a different life. When she is chosen to participate in the government's new social experiment, she is ecstatic at the prospect of spending six months in Thalassic City, the shiny new city under the sea. Immediately drawn to Logan Chandler, Sadie is captivated by the beautiful boy with the ocean-blue eyes. Logan seems to embody everything that has been forbidden, but he isn't all he appears to be. Confused over Logan's true intentions and concerned when best friend Jenna starts transforming in front of her eyes, Sadie partners with newcomer Jarod in a bid to uncover the government's real agenda. The truth is more shocking than anything she could ever have imagined. When Sadie finally understands why the Saven walk among us, will it be too late to save her heart and the human race?
Saven Disclosure
Saven Disclosure (Saven #2) By Siobhan Davis
To protect Logan, I have no choice but to deceive him. But I’m not the only one hiding the truth. Will our love survive all the secrets and lies? 
Enemy alien ships crowd the skies over Earth while the world waits with bated breath. The Saven have been exposed, and where once they were abhorred, they are now championed as our greatest ally and our only possible savior. Logan and Sadie have been separated, and the longer he is gone, the more their love is tested by duty, doubts, and deception. Sadie and Jarod have infiltrated the highest levels of government, but they are playing a dangerous game. Surrounded by people with conflicting agendas—hell-bent on using her for their own aim—Sadie is confused when the lines between good and evil are blurred. It’s impossible to tell friend from foe, and no one can be trusted. When the full extent of the experiments taking place in Sector Twenty is disclosed, Sadie can no longer sit back and watch as the lower classes face a horrific fate. Racing to save her loved ones and mankind, she risks her own safety and the love she’s waited a lifetime for to do the right thing. But no one thought to save her from herself.
Saven Senial
Saven Denial (Saven #2.5)


My mother was right to fear me. I’m an abomination. And the world should be very afraid. 

Sadie has been kidnapped by the Tor, the vindictive alien race who destroyed Thalassic City. As her past, present, and future collides, her worst nightmare looks set to become her shocking new reality. A deliberate pawn in leader Griselda’s vengeful game, Sadie is horrified to learn the truth about her heritage and the destiny that’s already been mapped out for her. Refusing to cooperate, she risks paying the ultimate price for her defiance. Love for Logan is her only motivation to stay alive. Saving him is the only thing that matters—the fate of the world depends upon it. While he may never forgive her, she’s determined to protect him. Until her dying breath.

About the Author: Siobhan Davis writes young adult science fiction fantasy romance books, and she is the author of the Amazon bestselling True Calling and Saven series. 

A self-professed teenager forever--at least when it comes to books, music, and films, Siobhan is totally addicted to teen fiction and superhero/blockbuster movies. 

She loves baking, shoes, bags, makeup, anti-wrinkle cream, anything pink, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, and Robert Pattinson (definitely Team Edward). Before pursuing a full-time writing career, Siobhan forged a successful corporate career in Human Resources over the last twenty years. She resides in the Garden County of Ireland with her husband and two sons. 

You can find and contact Siobhan here: - Website - Blog - Facebook - Twitter - Google + - Goodreads - Amazon - Newsletter 

Sample chapters, quotes, reviews and book excerpts are all available to download from the authors website 

Giveaway There is a tour wide giveaway for the book blitz of Saven Box Set. One winner will receive an e-copy of the Saven Series Boxset by Siobhan Davis and one winner will receive a paperback copy of Lux Beginnings by Jennifer L. Armentrout. 

Open internationally. 

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Monday, 10 October 2016

Ramblings on World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day, and as such I'll be rambling on about it for a smidge. The most important thing to know is that you are not alone. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

You might wonder what you have to be depressed about, or think you're silly for being anxious, or tired of having to explain your stuff to folk, but know that although it feels like there isn't anyone out there who gets it, there is. We are here.

There is nothing wrong with getting help. There is nothing wrong with taking meds. We take meds to help our bodies heal, so to do we take meds to help our minds.

No matter how hard it gets, there will be a way out. There is someone that cares. There is someone who gets it. Someone who will listen.

Today, and all the days, I wish for you to feel enough. To not feel alone. And I give you all the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg hugs and listening ears you need.


Sunday, 9 October 2016


Topping the list this week:

  • Sunny days followed by cool one and a smidge of rain
  • K and E having a blast last Sunday
  • Coffee
  • Keiden having a great weekend seeing his ah-ma
  • A fan birthday party for our niece - we were lucky to make the cut for folks she wanted there :)
  • Gifts of clothing for K
  • Gifts for J and I from his folks
  • Good books
  • A freezer that has dim sum and poa in it
  • K not being interested in chocolate cake 
  • Seeing my sister
  • My sister doing my hair :p
  • Dry nappy free nights
  • Antihistamines
  • Lab folks
  • A successful desc

Saturday, 8 October 2016

tums2tots columnist

2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
Cassey has read 10 books toward their goal of 100 books.

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
Cassey has read 0 books toward their goal of 100 books.

2017 Reading Challenge

Cassey has read 1 book toward their goal of 200 books.

2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
Cassey has read 9 books toward a goal of 100 books.

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