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Monday, 23 November 2015

This might just be one of my odder ideas

On Friday, I had the strangest thought. I wondered what if I blogged every day for a year. Then panic and fear set in. Why would I want to do that to myself? Could I even pull it off? Am I just being swayed by the fact that my NaBloWriMo seems to be going well?

So yes, just when it seems that everyone else is pulling away from blogging. I'm deciding to dive-in in the deep end, which is all kinds of ridiculous given I can't swim.

I've chatted to some friends about it, and I figure the best way to do this is in smaller pieces. I know I can do a month of it. So I'll be taking it a month at a time. And I need to remember to be kind to myself while doing this. That means scheduling posts ahead when I have the urge to write everything, and to not be hard on myself if I miss a day due to sickness. I am hoping though that the scheduling ahead, when I have the write all the things urge will help avoid those moments.

I've realised that what I will get from doing this, is a sense of accomplishment - finishing a big-ish year long project would be good for me to know that I can do it. Also, much as I call this my space, and say I should write for myself, I think writing everyday for a year will help me feel more as if this is my space where I write for myself.

The thing with blogging is that although it is self driven you are aware of an implied audience. And as such I know that I unknowingly started not writing about all my interests. Which is all kinds of ridiculous. This way, with the expectation of putting up something everyday I won't be able to shy away from all that makes me me.

It should translate into more gaming talk, and as my diploma course starts next year probably some more academic discourse. Guys, I have so many thoughts and ideas on gender, identity and the performance/performative nature bouncing around in my head, in e-mails, chats and notes that I have no idea why it isn't here. So here it will be.

What do you think?


  1. I can not wait to find out more about what makes you you!

  2. awesome idea! can't wait to read more of your words on a whole variety of topics!

    1. Also awwww, thanks for you. It's pretty scary.

  3. You can dooo eeeet! Yay for regular posts on all the things!


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