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Friday, 18 September 2015

Five for Friday: Keiden Edition

Keiden has entered the boundary pushing phase. He's decided that drawing on doors is more fun than on paper, and that he doesn't need to listen. His job is to take the laundry basket back to the bathroom after we've hung up the laundry, Yesterday, he decided to just leave it sitting in the lounge. I left it there, reminded him in the afternoon, he then took it back to the bathroom.

He's picking up new words almost every day. Some we understand where he got it from, like apple and dirty, but he's also picked up money, and dumb. I think money comes from when we're at shops, but dumb, I don't know. I make a point of saying something or someone is silly.

His love of books is growing and growing :). We can't walk past a book store without him wanting to go in, we're spending longer and longer periods of time at the library, and he didn't want to donate any of his books to the library.

He has also decided that maybe walking up and down stairs isn't that bad. He's not wanted to go beyond the fifth step before, but has suddenly decided to tackle the two flights at the library. He has walked up and down them. And is happily taking the stairs at most places now.

Lately, he is being more outgoing saying hi to more and more people, not just the ladies. He does though want to show everyone his bellybutton...because they're apparently fun and everyone must know this.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Nothing changes if nothing changes

I often say that I might know something in my head (logically), but it doesn't mean that I know it emotionally. Case in point this post by Janelle at Renegade Mothering.

Sure we all know that in order for things to really change we need to do something, but how often do we do something to make that happen? It's more a case of things need to hit us at the right time, the right moment to make things happen.

So I'm just sharing this post because I found it at the right moment to know what it was saying both in my head and heart. And it might just be the right moment for you too.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Five for Friday: Things that spark joy

This wall of Keiden happened because of de-cluttering. I got things finished that have been waiting for ages.

Finally put the faceblocks up. This side of the bookcase faces the front door.

A Book Owl delivery.

Wedding photos up on our bedroom wall, instead of in an album packed away and not enjoyed.

New milk frother of awesome, hot morning coffee ftw!

*The photos of Keiden, are all ones I've shared before. If you were wondering about my no pics of Keiden privacy stance.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Five for Friday

Our book quest has been going well, one of the junior librarians has been so awesome at finding books. There have been two that we've really enjoyed:


I'm listening to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (after Marcia was raving about it). And guys, I'm on chapter two, and I just want to get stuck into discarding, but I'm going to finish it first and then go for it. I might even go back to Pintrest for ways to better picture the end result I want.

I plan on getting Real Food, Happy Healthy Children this weekend. I'm so keen on finding more ways to keep my family on track with avoiding extra sugar. It's so easy to keep Keiden away from it, but Jerall and I really struggle. So I'm keen on something that will help us all.

In that light, we're trying the #SugarFreeSeptember thing. A few days late, but trying is better than not trying at all.

Meds has made such a difference. It's ridiculous. In the midst of it all I was so convinced it's not that bad at all, and now that the fog has lifted, I'm in shock just how much denial I had going on.

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