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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Acts of kindness

I don't know about you, but lately it seems as if people are just these utter horrible beings. We are horrid, selfish, mean beings. I read things, and am utterly amazed at the ugliness we're capable of.

And then yesterday happened. Keiden and I were doing our weekly traipsing around town. The morning wasn't off to the best start - someone tried to queue jump when I was getting coffee; queue jumpers are one of the shining examples of snowflake syndrome.

And then as I was walking around - Keiden in carrier (front carry), backpack on my back and library bag in hand - I noticed my laces had come lose and let out a "Ugh, darn it." A lady was walking by at that moment, she saw my face and offered to help. I said no thanks, I can handle this while looking for a spot to put things down. She told me not to be silly, and just tied my laces. A small thing for her to do, but it made a big difference to me.

After that we were at Bargain Books - where I found an amazing magnetic weather board - and the folks who worked there were just amazing. Not only did the show me what I was looking for - expected customer service for me, but you don't always get that - they also helped me find a cheaper alternative and they put it aside for me so that I didn't need to walk around with it all the time. A small thing for them, but not for me.

We went to the library, got our books and headed out. Keiden was happy to walk until we got just past anywhere to put anything down to put him into the carrier. As I'm standing there surrounded by bags this guy stops and says "Let me help." I do the usual no thanks, and next thing I know I'm all sorted. A small thing for this guy, but big for me.

Then, on our way to meet Jerall for lunch I have coffee in one hand, library bag in the other and my phone starts ringing. The teens I was chatting to at that moment - they we're selling cookies to fundraising for youth - just held out their hands to hold things for me to get my phone. And then, they just double checked the backpack, without me asking, to be sure I'd closed it properly. Again a small thing for them, but not for me.

Those small acts of kindness went a long way restore my faith in humanity. Maybe we aren't all bad after all.


  1. Yes indeed sometimes I am ashamed to be a human. We can be so vile!

    It is these small acts that keep us moving forward.

    1. Agreed. And they help us to remember to do something small for someone else...paying it forward.

  2. I had to google for "special snowflake syndrome". Now I am worrying whether or not I have raised my kids to be in the snowflake group or the "random acts of kindness" group...?!

    1. I think it's a worry for most parents.


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