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Monday, 11 May 2015

The weekend that was

The hands-down highlight of the weekend was Saturday morning. Keiden took two unassisted steps! :D  So clearly, it  was a glorious weekend. There was gaming, the #CTMeetUp and good food all coming together to create a weekend where you feel that you need a weekend to recover from it.

On Friday evening we started a new 13th Age organised play adventure. 13th Age is a great system, it works especially well for folks who prefer going "Why not?" instead of "What do the rules say." It's not a system for those who like to rules lawyer or munchkin. I'm inclined to see it as a system that's great for people who've been gaming together for awhile...it lends it's self well to in-group jokes.

Saturday morning Keiden took his first unassisted steps :). It's been so hard watching him being cautious - he's been taking steps holding a hand or leg for ages, would push boxes around and walk with them - the patience game has been tough. Not to forget that at 15 months there are all the younger babies running laps around him. He's still being incredibly cautions, only taking one or two steps  at a time, but they're happening :).

Saturday afternoon was the #CTMeetUp. I'll be going into all the little details in a separate post [Spoiler, I had a blast...and I'll be doing my first give-away because of it]. It's a bit ridiculous that I'd forgotten just how much of a social creature I am. It was the longest J and K had been alone together, and K didn't miss me at all. I don't know how much more of this my heart/ego can take. He already pushes me away from J if we hug, and says hi daddy in the morning. This mommy is lower than leftover chopped chicken livers.

My mother's day gift, the jeweller used the old R 0.02 to make this.

Sunday morning we hit up Sweetwell for breakfast. The bacon was just amazing. We plan on going back and buying some bacon when the butcher is open. After that we went to Blaauwklipen market, strolled around and I picked out my mother's day gift. We followed that with a trip to the botanical gardens, and great pancakes at Time Out, best milktart pancakes ever. The rest of the day was easy going.

How was your weekend?


  1. Love that ring! I'm so glad I got to meet you on Saturday :)

    1. It's great, and very comfortable...although I'm still surprised I picked it :). It was good to meet you too lady :)


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