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Friday, 15 May 2015

Five for Friday - Keiden edition

Keiden is having a mini language explosion lately: He's moved past those early mama, dada, sounds and is forming recognisable words along with some new not quite as recognisable ones. He says: hi properly now, daddy, duck (so far all birds are ducks), puppy,  cheeaasy (cheesy) especially when grabbing his toes - ask him who has cheesy toes and he says daddy. He passes you shoes and says shooos, show him a pic of a little he knows and he says my baba. And he knows his stories, will do the actions for those that have one he can do, like waving bye-bye.

Jerall is his favourite person, and my mommy ego is having some difficulties with it. But mostly it's horrid seeing him so sad when J leaves for work.

He is sleeping in his room, by himself in a big boy bed. We're doing the floor mattress thing, I'm so glad we went that route because we often find that he has rolled across his room. He doesn't wake when he rolls off the bed, but does when we put him back in his bed :-/.

He doesn't want to use cutlery to feed himself. Which is frustrating as he would happily spoon feed himself before, but recently he's taken to taking his spoon and taking the food off of it. We figure it's not a train smash, just messy...and at least he isn't tactile defensive.

We've had to move the fruit bowl. If Keiden see's a banana he'll want to eat that instead of what he has in front of him. We've had to restrict his bananas -  it's been hard for me - because he'll eat 3 in a sitting and then not want to eat supper. I think we're entering the fussy/picky with food phase...it's not as bad as what I've seen and heard others had to deal with. But he has definite preferences and will let you know. Although maybe it's not really fussy so much as doing what we all do, eat our favourites first ;).


  1. Eating with his fingers is great for fine motor skill development - I wouldn't worry about it.

    1. I'm not that worried about it. It's just becoming trickier with winter foods...and I was hoping meal times would become less messy.

  2. Great update - and a love for bananas is great. My A has one food she refuse to eat - banana!

    1. Bananas are the best, A is missing out ;)


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