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Wednesday, 20 May 2015


I'm in one of those I want to post, but what to post phases. So you get a Currently post ;). A reminder that today is the last day for entries in the giveaway.

 Masterchef Australia season 7. The skill that this years contestants have is astounding.

Reading: The Long War, and getting my theory on with Before Reading - Narrative Conventions and the Politics of Interpretation.

Listening: Mostly podcasts, still  Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men, in particular. It really makes for great work listening.

Doing: Parking practice, parking practice, parking practice. Taking Keiden for walks, colouring in, practising the ukulele, applying for scary part-time - because somehow I'll find a way to fit in more work 0_o.

Contemplating:  Parking practice ;). We're in the process of looking at a playgroup for Keiden. He'd go Tuesday to Thursday for half a day. It'll be fun for him, and allow me some time to get back to myself. And have a break. It's just been me and him all day, every weekday since he was 1 week old...and I'm really starting to feel the toil and loneliness of it all now. 

Steps to self growth. I'm really working at sorting out my driving situation. Am trying some creative things, and I think am leaving the phase of just coping with life. Hopefully I'll get myself to tackle the exercise issue soon.

Food budgets. Geez, food prices just seem to go up and up. And I'm just trying to find away to keep on trying new foods, and still have tasty budget-friendly staples.


  1. Just left a long comment but it's not showing. :(

    1. :(, I looked and can't find it. Sorry lady.

  2. SO glad that you are going to get some time for yourself - and to find yourself. And gosh yes, food is truly expensive right now

    1. It's still a bit to go till it's all sorted. But we're looking at a place tomorrow, and then there'll be phasing him in. Still it is exciting. Food is scary expensive, and there's only three of us, not sure what bigger families do.


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