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Friday, 5 September 2014

Five for Friday

  • It's so disappointing when the ending of a book series just doesn't deliver on all the promise it had in the first book. I've recently finished the Divergent trilogy, and am just utterly disappointed in the ending. Up until the last few chapters I was enjoying it, but then there were signs of 'bad end' appearing. It makes the sleep I gave up to read it seem wasted :'(.
  • Separation anxiety is kicking my ass.
  • Jerall has been on a work trip since Wednesday, and it's just been me with Keiden. It's gone well. He's also leaving on another trip on Sunday for a week, and Keiden and I are just staying home alone. I'm not freaked out by it, unlike the last time. I do however miss the hour of sleep I'd get in the morning when Jerall did baby stuff.
  • My usual birthday angst is hitting earlier than every - I'll be 30 in just over four months. I'm determined to do something to feel at least a little happier with myself.
  • We've had a bad month in terms of eating well. This time though, unlike other times, I'm not going to let it spiral back into crazy. I'm just going to restart.


  1. Yip restarting a bad eating period is the only way :)

    Seperation anxiety isn't much fun hey!

    I LOVED turning 30 - BEST time of my life!

    1. Hopefully the eating on track will go better this time.


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