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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

It's all changed

Gaming as I knew has come to an enormous screeching halt. Gone are the days of 4 -6 hour long rpg sessions. Gone are the days of sitting, and hacking and slashing our way through a dungeon. Hours of creating the perfect sim for my schadenfreude moments.

It's all gone. Hopefully just for a little while. But on Sunday it hit me in a big way. I can't do a quick four hour pfs game anymore. Keiden won't be happy to play on his mat or sit on my lap and watch people anymore. When he was younger we managed to pull it off, but now it's just not going to happen.

I'm so afraid that with stopping I'll just not get back to it. But we can still pull off the occasional two hour session for home games - and aps. So there's hope.

There's more hope in that Jerall found a cute game - Divinity - that we can play together for an hour or so at night. And that's the thing, without being able to game together my real fear is that my relationships will change for the worse. Gaming together has been a big part of what Jerall and I do together for fun. It's also what we do predominantly with most of our friends.

I suppose this will be the real test of those friendships. Besides gaming will the shared food, coffee and geeky interests survive?

This part of the parenting gig is hard.


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