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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

On leaving Keiden & going out just us

It was out 5 year wedding anniversary on Friday, so on Sunday we went out just us. It was so scary leaving Keiden with someone else - even though that someone else was my aunt. Jerall had worked out that prior to that I'd only been apart from Keiden since birth for about 10 hours. He slept in my room at the hospital, and I didn't leave him in the nursery for long stretches of time; so Sunday was a big deal.

I'm pleased to say that it went well. I only called to check how he was doing twice. Going for lunch and a movie helped there as once the movie was done we went to go pick him up. My aunt says that he didn't cry and was happily chatting to everyone. On one hand it's great that he was fine, I obviously didn't want him crying the five hours we were gone, but my baby didn't miss me :(. It also brought home how very glad I am that I don't need to go back to work. If I was, it'd be happening next week 0_o.

It was great though, going out with Jerall. I got to eat messy food without worrying I'd mess on the baby. And the movie was good - we saw Captain America 2. Today, the mini one is 3 months old, there'll be a post abut that soon.


  1. Glad you had some good time away. Happy Anniversary! K is still a little too young to realise you went away, but don't worry soon he'll be big enough to know and will go thru his clingy stages and you'll be wishing he would just be ok with you being gone for an hour ;)


    1. Thanks :)
      I think I might enjoy that clingy stage just a smidge...I'm last for his smiles and chatting, so it'd be nice to have him be about mommy.


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