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Thursday, 6 February 2014

One week

It'll been one week of Keiden. For those who don't follow me on Twitter you missed the news. At our weekly visit last week our doctor said that my placenta had calcified dramatically since the week before - it ment that Keiden had to out.

So we went from still having time to having none. The entire day was surreal - not to mention hungry. The visit was at 09:00, & we got a 16:00 time for the c-section so I couldn't eat. It didn't seem as if if was happening even when we got to theatre & I had to get into position for the spinal.

My part went well, just a bout of low blood pressure - so he was out quickly. He however wasn't in such a good spot. He had his cord around his neck, which doc had missed because of the placenta thing. I got to see him for a minute & then he had to go. Jerall stayed with Keiden while they were finishing off with me.

I only got to see Keiden again at 18:00, which was not great at all. But, there he was all kinds of awesome.

C-section recovery is not a walk in the park, thank goodness for drugs. And a doctor who's all manage the pain with drugs. We've been home since Sunday and it's going ok. That said Keiden's lost weight since being discharged and I still haven't had my milk come in so that's not making for a good time. All in all though I have all kinds of good cuddles ;).

The numbers: Keiden Jay born 30th January 2014, weight 2.535kg, length 48.5cm.


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