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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Random things

Ok, it's been a few weeks...but at least not quite as long as before. The big news for this post is that the sonagrapher was wrong at the earlier scan. The mini one is a boy.

We're still getting our heads around the idea, but we have a name for him. I'm going to wait till the next visit for reconfirmation that he is a he before sharing it here.

Also we have a newly acquired niece. We shall call her denise...lame I know, but it's hilarious. We haven't been to visit her yet as I'm sick. Being sick while pregnant is awful.

The pics are the bump at 19 weeks and 21. Today is week 22...arrival time is becoming scarily closer.

Laters folks.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

On catching up

  • Bullet points - they're easier, especially when you haven't posted anything in seven months.
  • Contract at my job got extended, and then ended. So back on the job hunt am I. Which is a bit tricky given the below.
  • We made plans that next year would be me taking the year to go do my PGCE - post grad teaching diploma.
  • Plans changed, because I'm now 19 weeks pregnant.
  • Baby is a girl - at least that's what the sonographer said at the 12 week scan, couldn't be confirmed at 16 week visit...but girl is good :).
  • My gran passed away Friday evening - queue family politics.
  • My gran has 13 children, all except one has 2 -4 children, so there are lots of us.
  • My mother has taken her mother's death as another opportunity to act true to form, and make it all about her.
  • My cousin - who's pretty much my older sister, had a miscarriage this week...and on her birthday had to have an evacuation. Sometimes the world just really, really sucks.
  • Plan of action for the next little while with all of the family things happening - and the crazy that is extended family - is too keep the special brand of caring they give away from my cousin and aunt.
  • All the gran related stuff, is  just proving that funerals and the like are not for the dead...they're for those left behind to assuage their guilt.
  • I'll try to get back into the swing of things that is blogging more often...at the very least I won't wait another seven months.

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