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Friday, 25 January 2013

Five for Friday: Book retail

  • You know that "Do you have that book?" joke? It does happen, and all the time. So far the variations I've encountered included: the one with the red cover; by that really popular author; the top seller; the one everyone's talking about and recently, the one all the grade x kids are using for subject x. The problem with those descriptions is that in any genre you'll encounter at least one book that could be it.
  • There are lots of people out there who need to always be right. Nevermind that you've just read/saw/sold or packed it out...if the book doesn't exactly match what that person says it should be, they won't take. Clearly, the fact that you just work in the bookstore doesn't mean a thing.
  • Fortunately those folks are balanced out by people that you're better off for encountering in the store. This person has the same reading tastes as you, perhaps even the same favourite authors, but they will always have a few more up their reading repertoire for you to check out - and if you're lucky you can do the same for them.
  • You're surrounded by books all day long :). Clearly if you love to read it rocks, but then again they don't let you spend your whole day reading :-/. Then again that could be why I've encountered non readers working in bookstores.
  • Did I mention the books? ;)

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


I'm fairly certain that one of the best ways for me to get routine blog posts happening is if I have a schedule for certain things, on certain days. Right now the rough idea runs as:
  • Monday - the weekend that was
  • Tuesday - an optional, but it'll be for random ponderings
  • Wednesday - I'll try for every Wednesday, but at least every second week there'll be a book review. Although the reviews might extend beyond traditional novels/literature  to comics and graphic novels. Basically, if I read it and am inclined to write about it; you'll get a review.
  • Thursday - it'll be TEDs. I'm slowly, but surely rediscovering the wealth of knowledge on that site, and am keen to share :).
  • Friday - another optional one, but when it's there it'll be Five for Friday. It allows for more random ponderings :).
I think this might just be the thing that saves you - and me - from anymore of those "It's been awhile posts." Thoughts, ideas, comments? Do you keep to a schedule for your blog as well?

Monday, 21 January 2013

The birthday weekend that was

  • Bullet points because I'm lazy 0_o.
  • I had my birthday off, so it was a long weekend...yay :)
  • The day involved much food  - breakfast at Bread, lunch at Tashas and dinner with friends at Vovo tello.
  • Taking it easy  - amongst gaps between food was me finishing reading the Civil War series, some game playing and lots of just strolling.
  • We also watched Les Miserables with friends. It was a great watch, and I did resit the urge to sing-a-long :). An added bonus was random references to the movie occurring throughout the weekend's gaming - think Red the colour of the clay hut; black the boar in my hut. Yes, it probably was one of those you needed to be their moments.
  • The rest of the weekend involved much rolling of dice - including my new shiny blue set :)
  • Also my people, aka Jerall and our friends are awesome. They made things fun and a January birthday all kinds of cool.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Why, hello there

So it's been awhile, from about just before I started my new job. There's not much to tell really. Christmas was full of great food, new year celebrations were on the chilled side, and in general it sucked working while none of my friends were o_0. There has been a good thing, I finally figured out just what it is I want to do...be a publisher.

Now I just need to figure out the details, and make it happen. Besides that I am going to get a blog routine going. I'm a creature of routine, now I just need to create the new routine. I figure I'll go for change one routine at a time.

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