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Friday, 12 October 2012

Five for Friday: Some random

    Spotted in the parking lot at Kirstenbosch Gardens. Yes, it is a tree stump under the tar.

  • I'm in  "time to cut my hair" mode. Mostly it's been brought on by me being really tired of taking about an hour and a half to straighten it whenever i wash my hair, and also because recently people have been pulling my hair. Yip, random people have been pulling my hair. To be somewhat fair, it has only been happening on the taxi. My ponytail gets tugged by the person behind me, because they just don't care/notice that they're being asshats. What makes it worse is that it continues despite the person being made aware that they're pulling my hair.
  • We've been trying to cut down on our meat consumptions, aiming for three vegetarian dinners a week. So far so good, although it has been made easier by the fact that whenever we go grocery shopping the meat looks awful and we just don't buy any.
  • Aiming for getting something right three times a week has helped a lot. It's paid off in our take lunch to work more often quest, now with the meat-free dinners and I'm going to try and apply it to getting back into the swing with my physio exercises.
  • I've had a quote from Criminal Minds on my mind a lot lately - sadly I can't remember who said it or which season it was from, so if you know please share. Life it's a hell of a thing to live through.


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