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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

NL 2012: An update in bullet points

  • Lazy seems to be my current state, or maybe it's hibernation because of the weather :0
  • There have been quite a few trips to Delft. Most of the trips were to game, but we did spend a Saturday exploring the centrum, and going up Die Nieuwe Kerk tower. The tower was 752 steps of terror - 376 steps with gaps between then, and the steps being narrower than my foot :(.
  • Something I loved in Delft was these random tiles in the road, it seems to be related to that whole Delft Blue thing, the local we know wasn't to sure, but figures it's most likely that.
  • Lots and lots of gaming. Last weekend was the first weekend in a month that we didn't game.
  • In the pursuit of a game we went to Leiden, Delft and Montfort. The bus ride to Montfort was interesting...due to roadworks the bus went on a detour through the countryside.
  • We watched The Dark Knight Rises and Brave - both great movies. I saw Step Up 4 with T, as per the Step Up routine weak story and acting, but amazing dancing.
  • There was even 5 days of glorious blue skies, and warm weather. I hit up the beach and park twice, and got a great tan. The park was an interesting experience there were women in teeny, tiny bikinis just running around like it's what you do at the park 0_o. Although compared to the topless women at the beach the park people seem normal.
  • On Saturday we went to the Amsterdam Pride Parade, it was awesome mostly due to it being on a canal. There was rain so we didn't get photos of all of the boats, and later we found out that we somehow missed a Santa boat :(. One of my favourite boats was the army's one, the officers would go to attention, then salute and then they'd fire the confetti gun :).
  • Next week we're going to Paris - from Thursday till Sunday :D.
  • In our last week here we're hoping to go to Eftiling, an amusement park. there'll also be another trip to Utrecht.

One of the tiles you can spot in the roads around Delft centrum.

A view from the top of the tower of Die Nieuwe Kerk.

Leiden Centraal. It's so pretty it's even used in ads for the railway.

Taken on the bus, on our way to Montfort.


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