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Friday, 31 August 2012

Trip pictures: Gardens

These photos are from two diffrent gardens. The ones closer to the end are from our Sunday exploring. The first few are from the Luxomberg gardens we tried to see twice, both times getting there close to it's closing times.
Notice everyone on either a bench or chair? That's because you can't sit on the grass, if you do a garden 'cop' comes around telling you to get off it.

A bridge for the Japanese section of the garden.


Thursday, 30 August 2012

NL 2012: Food and drink

Most of this post will be written in the captions of the photos. It's just a little easier for me to do it that way. Sadly I've not managed to get any pictures of some of the oh so awesome bread we've had along the way. Although if you're ever in den Haag I highly recommend the Wednesday market that happens across the street from the Burger King on the corner nearest to the Passage...I know it's terrible that I don't know the street name :-/. On the subject of bread, I've become quite the snob here, mostly because it's so easy to do so. I won't have a sandwhich at a cafe if they've not baked the bread themselves, or buy bread from the AH if it's not just been made at the in house bakery. If you do buy a sandwhich to go, then go to Broodsak and have a gezond - if you can't get to a specialty sandwhich store. A few more points before I get to the captions. Food is a bit more expensive here, but the portions and variety more than makes up for it. If you are a vegetarian or are having a meat free day, it is extremely easy to do so here, even if you're going out or grabbing a take away. Most of the coffee places are great, but the library has the cheapest cup. and it's tasty. Plus they give you a piece of fudge with it :).  Now the captions.

Starbucks is a little pricer than Coffee Company, but I prefer their blends. Also when you go to a Starbucks at a station it's more expensive than in the town.

Burger King is better than McD's.

Try a donnar, just don't forget to add the garlic sauce. Also a kapsalon is one of the cheapest ways to fill up.

This place is in Amsterdam. The food served to you looks much better than it does in the menu. Their portions are huge, and very well priced.

Library coffee ftw!

They make their bread fresh, about 80% of the menu is vegetarian, the sandwhiches are huge and the cake amazing.

As the name says this place is in Delft. Hands down the best Chinese food we had while in the Netherlands was there. An added bonus, two of their 'menu/combo' deals is enough to feed 8 people with desert and leftovers for about 5 euros each.

A baked potatoe witheverything on it. It's from King Falafel, is only 4.50 euro and is lots of food. I've never managed to finish it, which makes me sad because it's sooooooooooo good.

If you expect humus with your falafel you need to order a broodje falafel met humus, it's a bit extra though.

Korean barbaque of awesomeness.

This is from a new take away place that opened in Utrecht Centraal, well the mall attached to it. The prawns are better than the calamari, in fact you could have the noodles veg and still be very happy. The bubble tea there is ok, but they don't have tapioca :(.

Best cake ever, and they bake their own bread. This cafe is just off one of the side streets off Binnehof Plein.

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