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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Day 3: Your day in great detail

As I'm scheduling these posts I'm going to use a Monday, as it's about the only day where I have a sort of set routine.

07:00 - Wake up when Jerall's alarm goes off, go back to sleep.
08:00 - Wake up to say bye to Jerall, go back to sleep.
08:30 - Hit snooze button on alarm.
08:35 - Get up and hit the shower.
08:50 - Get dressed for pilates class.
09:05 - Have breakfast.
09:15 - Leave for class.
09:25 - Arrive at class, greet, hang up jacket, take off socks and shoes, go into room.
09:30 - Class starts. It's hard, and in the last few sections where we face the mirror I'm always reminded how short I am because the lady in front of me easily has 30cm on me 0_o.
10:30 - Class ends, put on socks and shoes, and jacket/zippy top, start stroll home.
11:00 - Get home because stroll home often means going down a new street to explore a little.
11:05 - Make tea, turn on my machine and start reading e-mails, blogs and chatting with friends.
12:00 - More tea, a snack of some sorts, bathroom break and more internet stuffs.
13:00 - Contemplate lunch of some sorts, get distracted by something on the internet or online Dominion game.
13:20 - More tea, and another bathroom break, then back to the internets.
14:20 - Get to lunch options, either make something at home or if the fridge is empty head to shops.
14:30 - Head to stores sometimes take the long way to the centre of town - mostly to avoid the cupcake shop - or take the shorter route.
14:40 - If lunch is frities then walk around town some more, taking note of places to check out and get a better look at another time. If lunch is something from Albert Heijn then head on home to have it, and maybe watch an episode of something while eating.
15:00 - Have lunch at home, if got food from AH/ Head to somewhere to get coffee and walk around town some more.
16:00 - Online Dominion game if home, if not home start heading that way.
16:30 - Tea, and more internet stuffs.
17:30ish - Jerall gets home, changes and we take a walk around town.
18:30ish - Get back home, make some dinner.
19:00 - Dinner and Dutch tv, sometimes funny game shows other times comedies are on.

The rest of the evening involves chatting to J, watching some shows, maybe playing games or reading. Bedtime about midnightish.


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