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Friday, 13 July 2012

Day 1: Write some basic things about yourself

  • I like lists, they give off a sense of neatness, order and calm.
  • Despite liking the neatness and order that comes from lists, and alphabetising books I'm not a neat freak.
  • When in a bookstore and I spot books in the wrong sections or in the wrong order I have to fix it.
  • I want to be fit, but I'm too lazy to do the hard get fit work, like running or speed walking, I prefer seemingly easy classes like pilates.
  • I can be incredibly lazy, but I have moments of crazy bouts of "get everything done now" energy.
  • I use calendars, whiteboards on the fridge, sticky notes, notes on my cellphone and write anything remotely important down, because without them I'd forget appointments/birthdays etc.
Was that basic enough? I took basic to mean things that make me me.


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