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Monday, 11 June 2012

NL 2012: Some observations

  • The bread here is amazing.
  • Paying to use the public toilets is odd, but worth it. They're always clean.
  • Burger King is better than McD's.
  • A public transport system that works is awesome. There's one card that you use for everything, you just need to top up as needed.
  • Being around tall people all the time, makes you feel very short 0_o.
  • Fresh fruit and veg is expensive, but you can get some great ready meals at good prices. Not to forget the broodtjies. Bread ftw :).
  • I'm developing an even bigger candy problem 0_o.
  • In general things are a lot less sweeter here than at home.
  • Doner is pretty good, and lots of food.
  • I'm surprised we don't here about bike rage incidents here, some cyclists are so rude. That "pring, pring" might just drive me to some crazy action :-/.
  • The people here aren't paranoid about theft at all. At Starbucks, we saw someone just leave his wallet and iPad on a table as he went to go get his coffee at the counter, around a corner 0_o. It is so strange to see, and it just highlights how far SA has to go.
Next time there'll be pictures :).


  1. I love Burger King, really I do.

    If we had a proper public transport system here in SA I wouldn't own a car at all. I love the idea of there always being a bus or tram or train to hop on to get where I want to go.

  2. Burger King is the business :). I think a lot of people wouldn't have cars if our public transport system worked, maybe one day.

  3. So with you on both the Burger King (I could murder me a good ol' double cheeseburger!) and the public transport!
    These are the kind of things I miss about being abroad...

  4. Next time I have Burger King I'll try the double cheeseburger just for you MamaMeeA :).


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