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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Catching up

I guess you can tell that for the past while I've had posts scheduled, and then the scheduled ones ran out. I'll get back into scheduling ahead sometime soonish - maybe next week while Jerall is in Joburg.

I started physio this week, and will be going weekly for the next month or so. After which it'll go to every second week and hopefully not too long after that once a month. Physio came about because I realised I hit the three month mark in constant lower back pain. The pain is due to my back doing all the work, I don't use my core or glutes or hamstrings; and some vertebrae don't do what they should. So the focus right now is on me getting individual muscle control going - which involves hard daily exercises and, sitting and standing correctly.

Right now the pain seems to have amped up, which the physio warned me would happen. To say it sucks is an understatement. She was amazed I'd made it as long as I did with the pain; seems I'm more stubborn than I realised. She wants me to consider dry needling for the next session; when she did the soft tissue work the pain was so bad I started crying. It seems that dry needling will help with that. So please share your experiences with dry needling - if you have any - in the comments.

I finally saw a nutritionist. My gynae said no carbs would be the way to go to deal with the pcos; so I figured seeing a professional would help with that. Ok, so some of what she said I should be doing I knew that I should've been doing, but the explanation of why had it making sense beyond the "it's bad for you" reasoning. She also clarified the sugar/carb pcos thing in such a way that just knowing what the things I should avoid do to my body, will make it easier to avoid them.

I don't think it'll be easy at all, but the scary things that'll happen if I don't get the lifestyle change right should help me get it right most of the time. There's also my goal of losing ten more kilos, and more importantly wanting to get off the metformin, to help keep things going ok. And if none of that works I'll just remember that having a milkshake is the same as eating nine slices of buttered, white bread 0_o

Besides the above I don't have much news. Oh, I do. I got a good in kung fu :) Did I miss any news, how have you been?

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Friday, 9 September 2011

Day 22-Favorite series

I can't pick one, as mentioned in yesterday's post I love series. My favourites include:
  1. The Black Magician trilogy by Trudi Canavan,
  2. The books featuring Moist from the Discworld books,
  3. The In Death series by J.D. Robb,
  4. The Southern Vampire series aka the Sooekie Stackhouse books
Those four series top the list, because they're the ones I struggle the most with to not buy as soon as there's a new one 0_o

Do you have the same problem? What are your favourites?

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Day 21-A guilty pleasure book

A romance novel by Nora Roberts. Anyone of them, but especially those part of a series about one the families she writes about. I love series, yes, it's because I get attached to the characters and reading about what happens next is always fun.

Do you read series for the same reason? What is your guilty pleasure read?

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Day 20-A book you would recommend to an ignorant/racist/closed minded person

I can't think of something offhand, even if I could it wouldn't make a difference unless the person reading the book is open to seeing things differently. Mostly though I think reading in itself is enough to start getting people to see things from a new perspective.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Speak Out With Your Geek Out

Last week a lot of folks got up in arms about a horrible piece written by someone about a geeky guy. The piece was intended to be a so called warning about the pitfalls about meeting someone from a dating site, it was just geek rage bait. The women who wrote the piece, wrote for a pay per click site, so she did something easy to make some extra money :-/

One of the better responses has been from Monica Valentinelli. Her idea is great, be geek and proud :) Just remember that it's not just for gaming/comics/movies, but for things that people don't automatically put together with geek like food, photography, fashion or sports. The main thing is to share what you're passionate about. So consider taking part.


Sometime during the week of Monday, September 12th to Friday, September 16th post about what geeky hobby you love. Then, tell us why we should try it, too. Leave your fears (and edition wars) at the door. Forget about your latest rant. Tap into that well of positive energy and share in the excitement of all things geek.

Let us invite those who would stereotype us to sit at our table and share our interests.

Day 19- A book that changed your mind about a particular subject (non-fiction)

Unbearable Lightness by Portia de Rossi. She writes about her struggle with eating disorders - anorexia and bulimia. I knew/thought that eating disorders had to do with exercising control over something when there wasn't anything you could do about something else, but I also thought that a large part of it was about receiving attention. Society is very focused on bodies, particularly that of women. Think about how often compliments are about how you look, or how much weight you've lost.

Reading this book didn't dismiss my thoughts on eating disorders out of hand, but it did help me see that although there was a part of it about receiving attention, and exercise control for de Rossi - and others too, I imagine - it seemed to be more about esteem and living up to expectations. It also showed me that any well meaning word/conversation could be turned into an insult. In one of the chapters she mentions that a friend said she looked good, like a normal women in an underwear scene on Ally McBeal, that normal women comment was instantly taken to mean fat.

I don't think that I'll ever really understand being driven to look a certain way that you starve yourself for it, but I do know that I've got to check my language and stop complimenting other women on their looks.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Five for Monday

  1. My first weekend at the store went well. Those that I worked with were friendly, and nice, now just to see if everyone else is like that.
  2. I've started playing Mass Effect. I recently finished one and started two. It's fun, and the story and characters are great. Although the love-love elements are driving me batty. In the first one it took forever for Shepard and Kaidan to get together, and then at the start of 2 she dies. Things happen and she's not dead, but do you think Kaidan comes looking for her? He didn't :-/ Instead when they meet again he's upset that she didn't contact him for two years, and I'm all "Hello, two year coma". To say I'm involved and playing the character is an understatement. I'm going to have to do a second play through on both games, making different choices and a new love-love interest. The worst part is that three is only out in March 2012, gah. It's going to be a long wait.
  3. Dinner and board games with friends is fun.
  4. My pudding recipe version 1 has had some tweaks, but they went down well with the others. I'm going to call version 1 done, now just to reach the same point with version 2.
  5. I'm loving the 71% chocolate range from Cocoa Fair, especially the chilli one.

The Five for... idea comes from this lady.

Day 18- A book you can’t find on shelves anymore that you love

My Darling Villain by Lynne Reid Banks. I think I found it at a charity sale, I loved this book and had reread it, easily at least ten times. I think I was ten or eleven when I read it, it had all these exciting teenage things in it: wining fights with your parents, exotic and brave friends, and of course the boy ;) It did also spark a brief interest in architecture, the protagonists best friend lived in a triple story, and her family had fireplaces and the chimney running throughout the centre of the home, and I just wanted to figure out how that would really work. Then we moved and it was lost, never to be found again. I've never really stopped looking for it at stores or sales; especially charity book sales, they always have older books. One day I'll find it.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Day 17- Book turned movie and completely desecrated

This one will probably get a lot of disagreement as well, but it's Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. There was a lot left out that would have had the later scenes of the movie make much more sense. What really placed this movie under the heading of "got it all wrong" is that before the movie was released Rowling was quoted all over the place as saying things were down just as it happened in the book. Lies, lies and more lies. Ok, I did just watch the first movie after having read the first three books in the series, so it was all still fresh in my mind, and very easy to pick up everything that was wrong.

Am I the only person who felt this way about the first movie?

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Day 16- Favorite book turned movie

I think a lot of people will disagree with this one, but it's Bridget Jones's Diary. Ok, I must admit that it's hard for me to dislike anything related to Collin Firth - Fielding created the character of Mark Darcy after watching the BBC Pride and Prejudice miniseries in which he played Mr Darcy. Although the book doesn't rate as one of my favourites, the movie was well done. It's one of the few book turned movie that there are no claims by anyone involved as being true to the novel, and the changes made in the movie to the novel worked well for the medium. I chose this novel/movie combination because it's one of the few times I enjoyed both the movie and the book.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Day 15- Favorite book dealing with foreign culture

The Woman Warrior, it's a memoir[ish]. Kingston recounts folk tales, and family tales, told to her by her mother. First the version as told by her mother, and then Kingston's own take/interpretation thereof. I think you learn a lot about different cultures based on their folk tales, this work is made better for the revised versions of tales by Kingston, and her discussion about what they mean for her. Another one from one of the feminism modules I took ;)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Day 14- Book that should be on hs/college required reading list

This one is a bit of a tough one, a few of the books I can think of are already on high school or college lists. I do believe that creating readers needs to start from primary school and get continued on throughout high school. Schools should encourage and broaden readers experiences. This could be by not enforcing an essay on something recently read, rather bring something not associated with school reading to your students attention. The reading lists offered at school/varsity can often take the fun out of reading, even for those who love reading, and create an impression - especially at varsity- that lit not always enjoyable. It is also important to have the fact that they are reading something matter, not what they read. *gets off the soapbox*

Schools/colleges should include comics, manga and graphic novels on reading lists, and they should have the students decide on which ones to read - from a list put together by the educator. High school kids should read, To Kill A Mockingbird and Mort.

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