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Monday, 4 April 2011


  • I got a new phone this weekend, the Galaxy S. I'm having fun with my new toy, figuring out tricks and yes, playing Angry Birds. After ages of reading about people playing it, I had to give it a whirl and it's been lots of fun, with the bonus of getting me a little more used to using a touch screen all the time.
  • There are two more weeks, including this one, of Jerall doing the Jhb thing for work :-/ Sometimes I think I miss the decent sleep more than I do him, but then I think about how empty the flat is without him; it just gives me the sads. It's weird that the flat feels empty during the day, even though it is when I'm normally alone here, but it could just be me being a silly.
  • In 17 days time we're going to Cape Town :D
  • The interview went well. Sadly, although HR told me they only do one, the manager - a great person, and someone I'd love to have as my boss - said that she is doing another round of interviews. I'll know on Thursday or Friday if I made the shortlist, so please keep all fingers crossed that I did. This is the first time in awhile, that there has been a job that I really, really wanted. Not to mention that the manager is great, when I asked about growth she said if there isn't a position for someone to grow into that she creates an opportunity for more growth. In fact the position I'm up for became vacant because of a growth opportunity created for someone else. So all kinds of awesome if I get the job.
  • I've been awake since 05:15 and I feel as if the day should be over soon :-/ I have no idea how people do this day in and day out, it's all kinds of crazy.
  • The weekend was a good one, we had fun playing Mage, saw some other friends and took it easy. The only down side is that lately the metformin has been kicking my ass. I had 2 cookies, 2, and it just went bad. Really I could deal with the pain and nausea if you know, I eat bags of cookies and chocolates and sweets everyday, but I don't. It's just getting a bit much for me, so much so that I'm inclined to ask Dr Useless if I wouldn't just be better off not taking it. I'm sure that it doesn't work for every women with pcos, and there has to be something else. *Whine over*
  • How are you doing?
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  1. Android will rule them all! Very cool phone.

  2. Cool phone - how I wish I had one now...Holding thumbs for that job.

  3. We go to CT next week - CAN NOT WAIT :)

    Good luck for the job!!

    Having J away SUCKS! D leaves for Nigeria again today and I hate it :(

  4. @Spear, agreed :) Is the tab more fun than the phone?

    @Cat, thanks :) I hear you on the wait to get a cool phone, on the plus side when you do get yours there'll be more options :)

    @Laura, enjoy CT. I hope D's trip goes well, and that things go smoothly with you and your little people.

  5. Well the Tablet is basically the phone with a bigger screen. :) That makes reading ebooks, watching videoa, browsing the net etc worthwhile.

  6. Oooh, now I need another gadget :)


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