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Thursday, 14 April 2011


Last night I had dinner with a friend, and some friends of hers. After which we went bowling, at which I suck, but it was still fun :) JR's friends are these really awesome ladies, all well established professionals, with a lot going for them. What I found odd though, was when we briefly chatted about politics they said that there was no viable opposition party in the country for them to vote for, so they'd vote ANC. That comment slayed me, because I've always thought that anyone with any education would vote DA. I told them about this site, and how I figured that if someone who was waiting for a house had to see this they'd surely change their vote. To which the answer was they wouldn't, it's not how things are done, and for them and lots of others, the ANC is the only option. The reason why it's the only option; because it's tradition and they have loyalty.

Am I the only person astounded by this?

Ps. The other four ladies were, 2 doctors, a counseling psychologist, and a businesswomen. Not to mention that they were all in the late 30s to late 40s. And yes, they're Zulu.


  1. Those last 2 words say it all.

    Perhaps point out to them that the DA headliners are 3 women, one from each main ethnic group, and that are actually the main oposition and have been for years now.

    It is sad though that they go with tribal traditions rather than intelligent thought.

  2. They're just not interested in hearing anything at all, I tried. :-/

  3. none so blind as will not see, deaf as will not hear, and just plain stupid. I get incredibly worked up about this... there are options, do your homework FFS! Voting because of tradition and loyalty is dumb. but hey, whatever we say will not make a difference...

  4. I'm with you in the getting worked up boat. There are no words for some people, none.


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