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Friday, 4 March 2011

A, B, C - Gaming edition

Being without blog fodder, yet again, I figured why not do the same as yesterday. Only this time the theme is gaming.

A - Arkham Horror, a great boardgame for up to 8 players. It's also co-op, you vs the game.

B - Boardgames, an easy one ;)

C - Cranium, a slightly more mainstream boardgame.

D - Dominion, my favourite game :) Every time you play it's different because of the random factor for the kingdom cards, and the expansions that add more kingdom cards.

E - Expansions, extending the life of your games.

F - Fable II, the first console rpg that I completed.

G - Gears of War 2, where you find yourself inside of a giant worm like monster.

H- Hit points, something very important whenever your character gets into a fight.

I - Imagination, your greatest gaming tool.

J - Jones in the Fast Lane, stressing you out about making it in the real world.

K - Kratos, the hero from God of War.

L - Left 4 Dead, survive the zombies to get to safety.

M - Munchkins, a game that makes fun of some rpgers tendency to munchkin their characters.

N - Ninja Burger, you're a ninja that works for a delivery service...way more epic than it sounds.

O - Old One, as in Great.

P - Pathfinder, one of my preferred d20 systems to play.

Q - Quest, what starts your party off on their adventures.

R - Runebound, it's you, killing monsters, and trying to get to the boss before everyone else.

S - Social, something that gaming is more often than not; especially when you factor in table-top role playing and boardgames.

T - Table-top role playing, the only way I think people should role play.

U - Ultima one of the largest MMPORPGs.

V - Virtua Fighter 5, one of the more tricky fighting games.

W -Weapons, how else do you expect to take down the monsters?

X - X-men, they show up in games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel vs Capcom 3

Y - You, and some friends having fun. Lame I know, but the other options weren't much better, and it's true you game to have fun with friends.

Z - Zombies, get to the helipad before the others and leave them behind. So long suckers :p

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Thanks to Jerall and Noelle for their help with the tricky letters.


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