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Monday, 7 February 2011

The weekend that was

  • Friday we had dinner with former housemate J - the food was not the best, and they were busy so it was slow service as well :-/
  • We did however get great coffee at Deluxe Burger Bar, then J came over to our place and we played Lips :)
  • XBox Live SA is the suck, I can't use my points to buy more Lips songs, because SA Live doesn't get them :-/
  • Saturday we had coffee and lunch with Briget and G at Green with Envy - notice the trend of only going to places with good coffee? We've become coffee snobs ;)
  • Then the 4 of us had a brief stop over at Cath's, with me getting the address wrong and us walking up and down her street trying to find her place :0
  • After that we then went to the Bluff for the first time ever, and played boardgames at B and G's place. It was their first time playing a boardgame that wasn't Monopoly, and I think it's safe to say they had fun :) We played Last Night on Earth and Betrayal at the House on the Hill
  • Sunday saw us playing Mage: The Awakening with some folks we meet at a tweetup. It was good fun.
  • Sunday evening we watched Shaolin Soccer - I'd seen Kung Fu Hussle and everyone was you should watch Shaolin Soccer, so we did - and Ip Man.
  • The weekend was pretty packed, and we signed the lease for our new place :)
How was yours?


  1. And Ip Man was awesome! :P

  2. Hmmm, nah it can't be because it's a boy movie :p


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