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Thursday, 10 February 2011

No more sweets

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I was going to do this for lent, but then I figured why not just start it now. So since yesterday Jerall and I are not having sweets, crisps or soft drinks. All three are things we have way too often, and sweets are my weakness - especially the gummy ones. It's pretty much a challenge to see how long we can do this, and for me a way to stop myself from snacking on the bad things. By still allowing us baked goods and chocolate, I don't think it'd be as tough as if we'd cut those out too. Since last week we've been following a 'always share any single portion treats' rule, so I think that will be a big help in not going overboard on cake :)

How long do you think we could keep this up?


  1. Sweets are like my nicotine - I can not give them up! I have tried and tried!


  2. I always give up something for lent - by far the most difficult was caffeine - I literally had withdrawal symptoms. The rest was all do-able. Thanks for popping in, great to meet you.

  3. I don't care much for sweets, but baked goodies.... mmmmm

  4. "Sweets are like my nicotine - I can not give them up..." Fortunately nicotine addiction *is* curable... but maybe sugar addiction is not?! That would explain the state of obesity in America.

  5. @laura, I'm not quite at the I have to have it everyday stage, but I'm close that's why I'm giving them up now to try and stop myself.

    @cat, thanks for commenting :) Lent is always tricky, but I like how it forces you to take stock of the unnecessary need to have/eat/drink something.

    @wenchy, I hear you, but I've found that when I bake I eat fewer baked goods. It doesn't make much sense to me, but it works :0

    @gamesbooks, true. A food addiction seems to be hard to deal with because you can't just cut it out of your life for good.

  6. Sweets is my weakness also. I have been cutting out all sweets (sugar) during the week and will have one or two somethings small over a weekend.

  7. Well done :) I'm hoping that this big just don't have any till Easter will help me get to the point where I only want to have them now and then, instead of all the time.


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