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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Catch up

Happy 2011 everyone. I'm feeling lazy, but I need to get this first post of the new year out of the way so be prepared for bullet points :)
  • Despite the lovely rain, there were so hot days which meant beach visits :)
  • There has been, and there still is lots of rain. I love the rain, it helps kill some of the humidity.
  • Tons of sushi was consumed.
  • We went on a coffee appreciation course, which deserves it's own post later. Needless to say, instant coffee is not drunk by either of us anymore.
  • There was gaming, not as much as I'd thought there'd be, but enough.
  • The presents Jerall and I got each other was spot on.
  • Dominion Prosperity is the awesome.
  • Major sulking, by the boy, was avoided :)
  • Many movies were seen - Mega Mind, Spud and Voyage of the Dawn Treader were cute, Tron a waste of time and money despite being pretty and the seventh Harry Potter movie pretty much lived up to what I expected of it.
  • Healthy eating and exercise flew out the window.
  • We saw friends from CT, and did the Midlands Meander with them.
  • I have a new hair colour and a pop of bright colour too - it's my first time not sticking to natural looking shades.
  • Mostly we just relaxed and did nothing.
  • It's 12 days till my birthday :)


  1. Sounds like fun :)

    Yeah I am still trying to find healthy eating - I think when we threw it out the window it decomposed and died!

  2. Love the decomposed and died :) Well healthy eating will come alive again,there's just something about the heat that makes salad seem like the best food option.


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