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Monday, 6 December 2010

The weekend that was

It was a pretty quiet one, Friday we rpg'd, it was awesome and my character is now a fairy princess ;) Ok she's a queen, but fairy princess is much cooler :p Rogue Trader is my second favourite rpg. Saturday was a laundry day. We did get the Ultimate Edition of Dragon Age, so there was xbox hogging by J again. And Sunday pretty much had the same pattern as Saturday with some grumpiness thrown in. Only last night I dreamt that someone had kidnapped Jerall. Boy was I peeved, I beat people up, called them some bad names - in my dream I knew who took him. And then I got 8000 people - I have no idea what 8000 - to help me get him back. I pretty much waged war. I blame soapie watching for the whole kidnapped idea getting into my mind. Yes, I watch soapies :p

How was your weekend?


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