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Friday, 17 December 2010

The public holiday that was

For any non-saffa readers yesterday was a public holiday - day of reconciliation. My day started early, for some strange reason I woke up before 08h00 :-/ Sleeping late is something I enjoy a lot, so it seemed that the day wasn't off to a good start. Added to that it was raining, heavily, so there was no getting laundry done either. After watching some cooking shows, while Jerall played some pc games we went hunting for lunch. The lunch hunt turned into a movie watching moment and we saw Mega Mind, not as funny as expected, but the 3D was well utilised. We did a light grocery shop, went home, I made a leftover fruit bake, almost crumble of apples, plums and pears. We then went to a friends place, had pizza for dinner and played many, many games of Pandemic :)

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Day 30: A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself

Dear me,

Yay, you for:
  • being able to read at a pretty fast speed
  • being friendly
  • being a good friend
  • always trying to see the good rather than the bad
  • being cheery
  • having love
luv me

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Monday, 13 December 2010

Becoming a superstar

I know this post is a bit late for those of you who pay attention to rpg news, but Pazio's RPG Superstar has started. The first step to becoming a superstar is to design a wondrous item. I've been bouncing around some ideas, but my biggest problem has been that they tend to be a spell-in-a-can; a big no-no. And you'll notice that you need to have your second round idea all sorted already, because the time between getting through the first round to submission for the second round is only 3 days. All in all though despite it being tricky to come up with something awesome, it's fun :)

Are you entering the competition?

Day 28: What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?

If I had to find out I was pregnant now I would freak out and a bit confused, it's not supposed to be that easy for me to get pregnant. Planning is really important to me, and there is no baby planned for, yet. I don't have a job, and we live in a city I don't want to be - in a tiny granny flat. That said after the freak out I'd be excited, really excited, but worried. And then I'd start making new plans ;)

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Friday, 10 December 2010

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Insert your own title

This is post is pretty much a what's been going on post, but I couldn't think of a title I haven't used before. First off my contract has been extended for another week :) The extra money is going to be used for my new fund. I decided to start saving for my food tour of Spain, Italy and France. It's going to be my 30th birthday treat for Jerall and I. So I've got 4 years, 1 month and 9 days to go. Anyhow I'm going to take R3000 and invest it in a 6 month fixed deposit, then 6 months later add to the amount if I can and do another 6 months. It seems the best plan, currently, to get the ball rolling.

On Tuesday I was told that I wasn't BEE enough for a job. According to the law I am, so I don't quite know what the issue was. Yes, I did push the issue with the recruitment person, but not too much because I apply for a lot of jobs they advertise. I got pretty upset about it all, but there's not much else I can do about.

I've lost 6kgs total, since starting that diet. Yes, there've been some bad weeks, but for the most part it's going well. Now I've only got 11kgs to go till I reach the right weight for my height, but it's 13kgs for me to be all good with the amount. All my jeans are too big for me, but I don't want to buy new ones because I plan on keep on losing weight, so I'm stick with them till it gets really really bad. My fingers also seem to have slimmed down, my engagement and wedding rings are loose enough on my fingers to be annoying.

That's about all right now. What's been going on with you?

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Day 25: The reason you believe you’re still alive today.

I'm alive because the bakkie that hit me, wasn't going very fast and somehow the rest of the traffic missed me too. When I was 11, I got hit by a bakkie crossing the road to catch the bus to school. I don't remember it at all, all I remember was hurrying across the road and then I blanked out and woke up in an ambulance. The other kids on the bus said that I flew across the road. I was so very, very lucky - or blessed for those who roll that way - that nothing was broken. I stayed in the hospital overnight, had a few x-rays and an cat scan/mri - not to sure, went home and then school after the next week; my timing sucks I got hit just before the weekend :p The only reminder I have from the accident is a raised bump on the right hand side of my head, some really bad headaches in summer and some dreams where I'm falling and then wake up with a start when I hit the ground.

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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Day 24 : Make a playlist to someone, and explain why you chose all the songs

My playlist is for Jerall. It's very short, but this is one tough person to pick things out for :p

  1. Wind by Akeboshi
  2. 99 red balloons by Nena
  3. Mad World by Tears for Fears
  4. Innocent Green by Yoko Kanno
Wind, because it was from the first anime we watched together - and a great introduction to j-pop.

99 red balloons it's happy and something I remember you listing to often.

Mad World cos you'll always love the 80s :)

Innocent Green because you love Yoko Kanno's music and it was part of our wedding.

This is part of a 30 day challenge.

Day 23 : Something you wish you had done in your life.

This one is easier. I wish that when I started my Masters I went the coursework route, I'm sure if I'd done that it'd be done. I wish that I had started the "get my license" process sooner - I'm really not happy being just over a month away from 26 and still not have my license :-/ And finally I wish that I had maintained my exercise levels from high school and my first year of university.

The best part about this though, is that I can still do these things, so all is not lost :)

This is part of a 30 day challenge.

Monday, 6 December 2010

The weekend that was

It was a pretty quiet one, Friday we rpg'd, it was awesome and my character is now a fairy princess ;) Ok she's a queen, but fairy princess is much cooler :p Rogue Trader is my second favourite rpg. Saturday was a laundry day. We did get the Ultimate Edition of Dragon Age, so there was xbox hogging by J again. And Sunday pretty much had the same pattern as Saturday with some grumpiness thrown in. Only last night I dreamt that someone had kidnapped Jerall. Boy was I peeved, I beat people up, called them some bad names - in my dream I knew who took him. And then I got 8000 people - I have no idea what 8000 - to help me get him back. I pretty much waged war. I blame soapie watching for the whole kidnapped idea getting into my mind. Yes, I watch soapies :p

How was your weekend?

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Day 20: Your views on drugs and alcohol

Alcohol is fine in moderation, but not when people think they need it to have fun. Illegal drugs are a no go. I'm pretty conservative and I know that some people try out the recreational ones for fun/because it helps them relax...me I've not tried any. Mostly because I'm too afraid of what it could do to me, becoming addicted - I have an addictive personality, mostly it comes up when reading, eating or watching something I really, really like...I just can't stay away from it. So that's why I don't go near any of those stuff, and I try to stay away from painkillers too.

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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Day 19: What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

Religion and I go through phases, but for the most part I'm a believer, just one that doesn't prescribe to it the way churches expect. Religion/faith has always been something important to my family, it was rare to not have gone to church on a Sunday or during the week leading to Good Friday or New Year's Eve. Yip you read right New Year's Eve. All in all it went well, until I got older, read more nonfiction and started to have questions about what we were being taught at church. This did not go over well with my family, because according to them faith is believing without question.

I believe that God would not have given us questioning minds if we weren't meant to question and further our understanding. I think that a lot of people see faith and religious practices as the same thing. So when you see things differently those are the people who lead you to question belief [if someone like that is a believer, can faith really be the right thing?], and they're the same people who make Christian a dirty word.

It might seem naive, but I do believe that although their are different religions it's the same God called by different names. After all the basic religious tenants are the same across all religions. Although that is because religion is man made. This feels a bit like I'm rambling on, but the long and the short is that everyone makes their own decisions regarding religion, and no one should force their beliefs onto anyone.

Politics is a big interest of mine, but like religion it's not for all. It also shouldn't be forced onto everyone, but I do believe that it's your civic duty to know what is going on in your country's political arena; at the very least not to sound like an idiot when talking about it ;)

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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Day 17: A book you’ve read that changed your views on something

I read a lot, and I love it, but there hasn't been a book - yet - that has changed my views on something. However, Jodi Picoult's novels always has be thinking about things I hadn't really considered. I really enjoy that her novels always present the different sides to the issue they're touching on, add the human drama factor and I'm hooked :)

This is part of a 30 day challenge.

Day 15: Something or someone you couldn't live without, because you've tried living without it

I couldn't live without meat, of any kind from red to white to fish. I tried, I went vegetarian for lent this year. For the most part it went pretty well, but there were days when all I wanted to have was some salmon sushi or we went out to dinner and the pasta dishes were amazing, but I couldn't have them :-/ It really is more a combination of convenience, the "I've ate it my whole life why change now" thought and my love for sushi that stops me from contemplating life without meat seriously.

This is part of a 30 day challenge.

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