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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The weekend that was

Awesome title thanks to Megan. Time in Cape Town is always awesome, and surprisingly even the family events were ok. The newly acquired brother-in-law - we've meet before, but didn't get to really chat - is a nice guy, has similar tv and movie tastes so easy to talk to. The not so nice parts of the trip was seeing how much more animatedly C [Jerall's brother's wife, not his sister. Yes, the 3 'daughters' in the family all have names starting with a C] about her pets than her 3 and a half month old son. She just seemed so disinterested in him, is the fact that she's sick, Noah's sick grumpy and in a new environment a good enough explanation for it? It just bugged me how everything that had to happen for him/because of him seemed a hassle for her. But since being pregnant all her health issues have been worse, and she does/had depression so maybe it's just post-natal depression. I'm trying really hard to not just think she's just not interested in her son. Noah is very cute, and I did get to hold him a few times so yay :0

Aside for the family stuff - where I always seemed over dressed, jeans and top, skirt and top, not just t-shirts - time was spent gaming and seeing peeps. We were in Stellenbosch for a bit and had brunch at my favourite restaurant followed by Italian ice-cream. All in all it was a good long weekend. How was yours?


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