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Monday, 13 September 2010

Weekend round-up

It was one of those quiet weekends, although to be fair it was busier than the usual do nothing weekend. The highlights include dinner and gaming at P and R's Saturday evening. We took the xbox over, but we didn't play Lips :-/ It seems that people either are eager to play or they avoid it like the plague. Yesterday we went out for lunch and a movie. We watched Sorceror's Apprentice...it was a good watch, but I got bored at points and for the most part it's forgettable.

Did you have a good weekend?

In other news, I wrote my learner's test this morning, and passed. It would have been tragic had I failed. You 'write' the test on a pc, well it's touch screen, so you'd think the process would go faster...it doesn't. The took 15 minutes going through what you need to do, when it's very clear. Then once I finished the test, and got my score I had to wait half an hour for the results print out to finally get the license :-/ Oh, well it's done now. Now just the driver's test to go.

Happy Monday


  1. Hi, its "Kristen" here. I have been getting withdrawl symptoms so I am slowly catching up with my fav blogs again.

    *Yay* for getting your learners. Well done.

  2. Hi lady
    It's great that you're reading again. Hope all is good. :)


Thanks for your comment :)

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