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Friday, 30 July 2010


So I'm a "I'll tell you how I feel, wear my heart on my sleeve person",which you probably know by now ;) Lately I've been thinking that it might not be the best kind of person to be. It's just that most of the people I surround myself with aren't like that, and I battle to understand why if you're excited you wouldn't show it. Wait my real life friends are like that, but the people I know from the internets aren't. I digress, what I was getting to is that I'm getting better at reading those people - the ones who are hard to read - but that it still just seems off to me. I know that to them, my emotional nature seems off. This point I'm trying to make is just rambling on and running away from me :-/ Mostly I just wanted to say that I'm getting better at not wearing the same glasses to 'see' everyone.

In other news to avoid this baby fever that seems to be going around, I've decided to get a pet. I wish we could get a puppy, but we're just in too small a place right now to do it. So it looks like it'll be a kitten. I'm still not sure so feel free to add your 2 cents. Also I've become an aunty for the first time today. Our nephew is Noah Oliver, his parents missed that fact that his initials make the word not or to take into account that side of the family's habit to shorten names, so he'll more than likely be called No :-/ Anyhow it's exciting, we might even go to PE more often than every 2-3 years now :p And big congrats to SleepyJane who got engaged, yay for you and your J :)

This weekend is going to be busy, we're watching Inception tonight, braaing and gaming on Saturday, and doing lots of laundry :p I'm also working on a Women in Gaming post for NMP, and I plan to finish Dragon Age. Jerall finished it yesterday, so now he can't hog the Xbox anymore :0

Happy Friday.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Growing the hobby

This month's RPG Carnival is on Growing the Hobby. Growing the hobby is one of the reasons I'm doing the post here and not at Tenletter. I really believe that the best way to grow the hobby is to talk about it with everyone, especially because we have things like this floating around. We've got to get people to see that gaming - in whatever form you do it, rpg, larping, boardgames, etc - is just another interest like reading or watching movies. That people who game are normal and not all of us do costumes. That gaming is just another fun thing to do with your friends.

I'm not saying go around forcing others to take part, but surely your passion for it could spark an interest. So go on invite your non-gamer friend over for a round of Ninja Burger and take it from there.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

I took a stand

So this morning I had an e-mail from my mother and I just decided enough. I'm going to say my piece and just be done with this. I'm just so tired of all her crap and dealing with the emotional fallout that happens whenever I speak to her.

Here is what I said:


I'm not going to be speaking to you because of what you've said to T. There is a difference between telling her it's her life, and that if she doesn't focus on her studies there'll be consequences and what you said; that she is messing up and throwing her life away. I'll talk/sms my brother and sister, but not to you, this time you've gone to far.

Not the best way to start the day, but it'll be for the best.

Friday, 23 July 2010

That second post

Happy Friday all :) Really I have tons to say, but no time to type it. This really is just so that I don't get my taking action, actions all wrong. The exercise hasn't gone well, but it is because I've been sick and on these horrid antibiotics, they made me feel worse not better. Well it's not surprising as the common side effect - yes, I read the leaflets - is nausea, vomiting and all those other gross tummy issues. I did however, write a letter to friend N in the US, so it's not all bad.

Have a great weekend.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Taking action

I am a somewhat lazy person, but this is something I need to change. So from now on, I'm doing the 30 day thing to get into better habits, I'm going to be all about taking action. I realised that I tend to moan and groan about a lot of things, then I start changing it, but hardly ever follow through. I think it could be because I expect dramatic changes and instant results, no more ...small things all the way.

Starting with my weight. Yes, the pcos does make it harder to lose weight; yes, I'm eating well; yes, we walk to the shops, but clearly it's not enough. So starting from today I'll be doing something small about it. I'm going to talk a walk around the block, small and easy to do. I'm so tired of my non-driver status, it's got to change, but I can't seem to get a telephonic learner's booking to get the ball rolling, or book on a Saturday, so it'll have to happen on a weekday. If anyone knows of anyplace in Durban or Cape Town, where I could book on one day, and possible write on the same day or within a few days please let me know. I included Cape Town because we'll be there for about 10 days in August :) I dislike it intensely when someone shortens my name, very few people can get away with it - those who I've been good friends with for a long time get a pass. Next time someone does it, I will either shorten their name and/or ask them to stop. I'll no longer put off writing the letters to friends overseas, I'll even include friends in SA, it's nice to get post that isn't a bill.

I'm not sure who many of you guys game, but the Ennie nominations occurred recently, there are some people who should have been nominated but weren't which sucks. I digress, you vote for winners and after that you can vote for judges, of the 22 nominees only 3 are women. Not cool, there are so many awesome female gamers who are as passionate about the rpg hobby and it should be reflected. So to that light I'm going to expand my rpg horizons and maybe run next year, and find other great female gamers and get them to do the same.

I know it seems like a lot, and that I'm setting myself up to fail - I do tend to self sabotage - but I'm going to do my best to make it stick this time. I look at it this way, the more people I tell, the more people I have rooting for me and to answer too. I don't mean you guys will be my watchdogs, but it'll help me stick to things when I know that someone somewhere might wonder why I didn't do my best to treat myself well and follow through. Because that is what this is a way to be good to myself.

Have a great rest of your Monday.

Ps. I will blog at least twice a week too :)

Thursday, 8 July 2010

A bushel of thoughts

I know, odd title, but I just couldn't really think of anything else. Also it feels like we tend to stick to using the same words all the time, so from now on I'm going to try to use those I don't use all that often. I was going to go with barrage of thoughts, but that felt a bit antagonistic; or is it just me? Anyhow the point was that there are a lot of random thoughts going into this post, and now you know.

First there was the weekend; which did have the bright spots I mentioned, but it also had some dull spots like Jerall being all silly guy like. The upshot of the silly guy moment is that we now have a better than tentative plan for moving, which help more than the "let's just move plan". Monday was a surprisingly busy work day, which is better than the alternative. Tuesday though was not so good, and those of you who follow me on twitter would have heard about it, but for those who don't here goes.

So Jerall has had leave issues since last year June, he naturally told them then that something was wrong to which they respond, but didn't sort out. The him sending e-mails about it and them not doing anything carried on till last month, and it only ending because one of the HR team noticed that her leave was wrong. HR then sends out a mail saying "we've noticed a problem with leave calculations and will fix it." It's at this point that J lays a formal complaint with management,along the lines of "I told you about this and you did nothing." There were lots of mails going back and forth, which results in the HR team and the Operations Manager talking crap about him loudly. For those who've forgotten, I'm now working there on a short term basis.

The talking crap about people has been going on for as long as I've been
here, but it really got to me on Tuesday. So I went to the manager and said that I would appreciate it if they didn't talk crap about my husband and other people. She, of course, denied that it was malicious and they were just saying stuff, which is utter bull. I told her, people don't just say stuff, and that it was malicious which she denied; only she then went on and asked me to not tell anyone what I hear, that proves that she knows they were in wrong, but couldn't be bothered to act like decent people. The upside of me going to talk to her about it was that I realised something; if anyone talks crap about people I care about, my first reaction is anger and to set them straight, but I don't do it for myself, I just get hurt and let it go. So I should treat myself at least as well as I treat my friends, so that's what I'll be doing from now on.

In other random news I've decided to not drink any caffeine drinks for a month. I don't drink much coffee already, and I'd really like to ditch soft drinks, so I figure if I can get it right for a month, it should stick. That's also going to be my go-to plan for trying something new, or changing my routines, hopefully it'll work.

Also a blogger I've been following just deleted her blog, and isn't on twitter anymore, which sucks, but I figure she has her reasons. Another blogger I follow is having her baby tomorrow, yay [I'll add the hyperlinks later, I'm typing this in notepad to do a quick put up of posts while at work], and another awesome blogger lady is pregnant. Both sets of news are bigger yays than normal because both these ladies had some tough times with the baby business, so double yay.

Have a great rest of your Thursday.

Friday, 2 July 2010

A weekend of bright spots

Happy Friday everyone. In my quest to be a better blogger I give you; my second blog post in as many days ;)
  • The weekend ahead shall not only be good, but it also has quite a few bright spots:
  • New books, we'll be fetching our copies of the new Phillip Pullman and Trudi Cananvan
  • Glee, I love it, don't you?
  • Ghana and the Netherlands are going to kick ass in their games.
  • Gaming, please cross all your fingers and toes that it doesn't get cancelled again
  • More gaming, provided I get a turn to play Fable II, Jerall is such an xbox hog

Hope your weekend has many bright spots too :)

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Midweek dinner

...with friends is defiantly something I should do more often. I had dinner with LW and JR last night. I would just use their first name initials, but oddly I have a few friends whose names start with L and J. I haven't seen either of them in ages, and there was lots to catch up on. All three of us are talkers, so as you can imagine it was chaotic fun :) Also it seems that a glass of red wine solves my falling asleep problem, I got home and didn't need to read or watch anything to stop my mind buzz.

Just a quick midweek update, to get back into the swing of blogging.
Have a great rest of your Wednesday :)

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