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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Weekend happenings

I'm slowly, but surely getting back into the swing with blogging. I had a rather odd weekend. Friday I just passed out on the couch at about 20h00, very strange for me. Although I've not been getting lots of sleep with the whole go to bed late and get up early for work thing, so that could be it ;)

Jerall worked a full working day on Saturday so I had to keep myself occupied. I went to the hairdresser, got new badges for my bag and got a hand reading, for the first time ever. It was rather interesting. In that hour and a half with the reader I got more techniques to deal with things, and covered more of my issues than in 10 hours of therapy. The rest of Saturday I just lazed. When Jeral got home we went out for dinner,and book and game browsing. I forgot our Exclusives vouchers at home so we didn't buy any books, but are picking up two set aside for us over the weekend. I did however, get 4 cd's on sale, Mamma Mia soundtrack, Queen's Greatest Hits, and a Prime Circle and Jack Johnson ones too. I also bought Fable II for Jerall, it's was super cheap for a xbox game :)We bumped into friends and had coffee and chat with them. Sunday with Jerall at work again I did some chores and bemoaned Durban again. The friends we do have here live to far away for a spur of the moment visit, not so cool. Fortunately Jerall didn't have to work that late, so he got home earlier than expected and threw me off getting some of the chores done. We lazed about and both took turns playing Fable II.

How was yours?

Friday, 25 June 2010

Happy Friday

Woo hoo, it's the weekend. Yes, I'm excited about it. Not only is it a pay day weekend, but I'll get to sleep in :) It's not all good though,Jerall has to work tomorrow :-/ Hopefully not too long. On the plus side it looks like we'll be gaming again :) Best part, we'll be playing at P's house, return season 2 of Battlestar Galactica and leave with season 3 :D

Hope you have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I know I’m a terrible blogger, and it’s been awhile, but sometimes you just don’t feel like blogging. Anyway here I am again. What’s been going on well there’s work, and occasional gaming. I wish we had more people in Durban who gamed; it’s tough to arrange stuff then have people flake out. Work is so-so. As you know it’s for the same company that Jerall works for, and this is a way for them to keep him longer…if it works out. The past three weeks have been frustrating: the work I’m doing is hard to complete without access to information, which I don’t have and neither do they. Those people, who we weren’t already friendly with, suck. They talk crap and laugh about others all the time, and they don’t like Glee. I was listening to music for a few days, but the day I played music from the Glee soundtrack I get asked to turn it down, it didn’t bother anyone till then. And then I hear them laughing and joking about it, which really pissed me off. Worse I can’t say anything, because Jerall still has to deal with them. Did I mention that a good number of the people here do jack, while the rest work there ass off.

Good news my current dosage of metrofmin is going well, no higher dosages for me.

Back to the vent. I’m so angry with my mother; there aren’t enough words to describe it. And I’m upset with myself for believing her when she said she’d changed and listening to her when she told me what was going on with my sister. I should have known better, I was there, I went through it. My mother has taken to telling my sister she’s pathetic, stupid and throwing her life away. This is not something you say to an 18 year old, your child, or to anyone for that matter. I don’t know why it surprises me, all my life she’s told me that I’m stupid, that my friends – who are smart – aren’t my friends, they just want to be dumb for a bit, and that nothing I do is good enough. See I knew what she’s like and still I just left my sister there. When they started having bigger financial problems Jerall and I said we’d sort out my sisters schooling etc, and at that time we wondered if maybe she shouldn’t just live with us, but decided against it. And now it’s like why did I decide to do that, I know what she’s like. And I was lucky, only seeing her on weekends and school holidays; I lived with my aunt and uncle for high school. My brother also lived with an aunt and uncle for some of high school, so he missed some of it too. Now I just need to remember like I told my sister, it’s only 6 months of school left, then she can just leave. And hopefully we’re in Cape Town by then and we can take it from there.

Thanks for the vent. I’ll be more cheerful next time.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

An update

I've had an interesting week this week. Monday I finally created an alphabetical list of the books we own, this meant unpacking and repacking them from their storage boxes - one day we'll have bookshelves *sigh*. Tuesday was the usual battle of avoiding and doing chores, but Wednesday...that was different. Wednesday morning I got a phone call offering me a month long job, with the option of it turning into something more permanent. Sadly it wasn't the Random House job, but the one in Durban. I took it, it's only a month and having some cash would be good. The kicker I had to start on Thursday, yip the next day.

I've not been in an office for almost 9 months and in those 9 months my work pants and I have become bitter enemies. Naturally this meant looking for new work pants...and I'm now convinced that the pants fairies hate me. I've been looking for a decent pair since Wednesday, and have tried all the stores and nothing :-/ On the plus side the office is very informal, people wear shorts to work. Only I don't roll that way, and I like looking and feeling like I'm going to work. So until I find some work pants it'll be dark jeans and fitted shirts.

Back to the week retelling, Thursday and Friday was office. I'm sadly without my own machine, am using the PA's who's on sick leave and dumb enough to leave all her passwords with three people, yip three. It seems silly that I had to start right away, but when I get there they're unprepared for me, it was awhile till I had something to do. Also I have some very specific tasks, but they don't have all the resources I need to complete them :-/ On the plus side, it is great to leave the home and talk to people in person and not through the net.

The weekend was a chore filled one :-/ We did manage to watch Prince of Persia and try a new Greek restaurant, not returning to that restaurant though. Something awesome about the chore situation is that it's not just me doing them anymore :) With Jerall going to work and me being home, it made sense that I did all of them...except supper dishes, but now we split them :) Re the supper dishes, our rule is if you cooked you don't do them.

How was your weekend?

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