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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Quick update

The interview for the Durban job is later today. I'm not going with the dress, it's too hot for that material...so thin pants and short sleeved top it is. I've completed the editing test, actually started to enjoy it about mid way, I think it's a good thing :) Now to wait.

There's been tons of neighbour drama, pretty much confirming something I've been thinking of our landlady for awhile, so we'll be looking for a new place soonish - if we're not moving to CT ;) I read a Merry Gentry book, mid series, not realising it was mid series. Didn't quite think I'd enjoy something labeled adult erotica, but I love the faye world, so maybe it's not much of a shocker.

Best news of all, our current 3G contract is ending and it's freed us up to move onto something better :) Now we can get more anime :D

Hmmm that's about it, have a great day. :)


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